12-04-2023. Here you will find the Resent mail from 12-01-2023. at 04.01. to the European Central Bank, information about Danish banks that use bribes.


Corrected and attached the forwarded email in a good readable format. I want contact and for the Danish police to stop covering up Jyske Bank’s crimes, I also want director of Jyske Bank CEO Anders Christian Dam to resign his mandate. As well as Jyske Bank itself launching an impartial investigation into the organized fraud I write that the bank is behind, see the attached documents.



Statsministeriet • stm@stm.dk


The European Central Bank


60640 Frankfurt am Main


I have made a direct accusation against the Jyske Bank group for the use of return commission / bribery, this I have written to the authorities, the Danish state and the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.

I have accused Denmark’s second largest bank, Jyske Bank A/S, of using bribes, and say Jyske Bank has bribed Lundgren’s lawyers so that Lundgren’s lawyers could not present in the Danish courts that Jyske Banks has used power of attorney abuse and forged documents, in in connection with Jyske Bank’s fraud.

The Danish authorities, together with Parliament, the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, the Ministry of Justice and the National Bank, do not want to interfere in Jyske Bank’s use of bribes, presumably because the bank has a loan portfolio totaling DKK 546 trillion

And that at the same time the Danish state has a great deal of cooperation and even uses Jyske Bank as a bank in several of the state’s businesses.


I am writing a book about the corruption in Denmark, which I write the Danish state covers up for financial reasons, and it is therefore my own problem that Jyske Bank has deceived me and my small business, and that Jyske Bank has bribed Lundgrens lawyers who were my former lawyers not to present Jyske Bank’s use of false documents, abuse of power of attorney, Mandate fraud, exploitation and bad faith against me and my company.

I think organized crime and corruption in Denmark must be fought, the problem is just that the Danish state, including the State Ministry, the Ministry of Finance, the FSA, the Ministry of Justice, the National Bank and others do not agree, as they all cover up the corruption I have written Jyske Bank is behind by passivity.

I have written to the Danish state since 2019, before I discovered that Jyske Bank had bribed Lundgren’s lawyers, not to present my case against Jyske Bank to the court.

I share the email CC. with the Danish state, including the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, the State Ministry to Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, the parliament, the National Bank, the Danish Courts Authority, who have not wanted to comment or respond to my accusations and evidence.

I share here with Lundgren’s lawyers, even though all partners have chosen to block my email, therefore I request that the European Central Bank share my email with Lundgren’s lawyers through their management.

Lundgren’s lawyers are undermining the client’s finances, this by suing the client to get DKK 232,000 for Lundgren’s failure to present some of the client’s submissions against Jyske Bank, and for hiding and withholding several pleadings from the client.

The National Police has announced that a bribe or payment for a task where Jyske Bank has paid Lundgren’s lawyers a return commission to oppose justice, and Lundgren’s lawyers, after Jyske Bank has paid a bribe, under the guise of a return commission, Lundgren has withheld pleadings and hidden more pleadings from me as a client, Lundgren’s lawyers did this to keep me out of the door in my case against Jyske Bank.

Jyske Bank has given Lundgren’s lawyers a consultancy case of DKK 600,000,000, which is a return commission to hide the bank’s bribery of Lundgren’s lawyers.

I have a lot of evidence for both Jyske Bank’s fraud, but also a lot of documents that support that corruption reaches the top of Danish society, i.e. that judges are involved and cover up corruption and abuse of power by cronyism.

I cannot stop corruption in Denmark, as it happens at the top of the largest Danish companies and organisations, but I can write about it.

In this connection, request that the European Central Bank investigate whether the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority can rightly grant a bank that, like Jyske Bank, commits extensive fraud and bribery, permission to conduct financial business, including banking in Denmark.

The case is much bigger, as there are judges and several lawyers who are instrumental in covering up the corruption in Denmark.

This is where the ECB is oriented.


Carsten Storbjerg Skaarup

Solvej 5.                                   “Søvej 5.”

3100 Hornbaek.                      “Hornbæk.”

phone +4522227713

email carsten.storbjerg@gmail.com





What happens when a Danish bank with loans for DKK 546 trillion commits gross fraud carried out in association with several employees and lawyers? the answer is nothing, Jyske Bank is allowed to commit fraud, as the Danish politicians and authorities cover up crime committed by the criminal banks.


Here in this email there are several documents that support that the Jyske Bank group has bribed Lundgren’s lawyers to cover up Jyske Bank’s fraud at the same time that Lundgren’s lawyers have kept the client out of the case, which even the employed Supreme Court judge Kurt Rasmussen has covered up.


If you want to cooperate with, or use and invest in, Danish banks that are demonstrably using false documents and committing fraud, I recommend that you read here, Codan, ATP, Realmælgerne, Danmarks Nationalbank, Købstædernes Forsikring, PFA Pension, Tryg Forsikring, JP Morgan, Loomis, Capital fund, Parliament, the government and many more who should all ask themselves, can you continue to cooperate and use the criminal Jyske Bank.

My evidence for this Danish bank’s fraud and forgery can close Jyske Bank as a bank in Denmark if the government stops covering up the fraudulent bank.