17-01-2023. Gratis advokathjælp. / Free legal assistance.

If you want to cooperate with, or use and invest in, Danish banks that are demonstrably using false documents and committing fraud, I recommend that you read here, Codan, ATP, Realmælgerne, Danmarks Nationalbank, Købstædernes Forsikring, PFA Pension, Tryg Forsikring, JP Morgan, Loomis, Capital fund, Parliament, the government and many more who should all ask themselves, can you continue to cooperate and use the criminal Jyske Bank.

My book about the criminal Bank, and must warn other nations and those who trade with large Danish companies such as Jyske Bank


Gratis advokathjælp. / Free legal assistance

Vi søger personer/virksomheder til gruppesøgsmål, der har været udsat for tvangsauktioner under byretten i Hillerød de sidste tre år med Jyske bank, jyske realkredit som rekvirent. Forløbet behøver ikke være endt med tvangsauktion, men skal inkludere besøg på ejendommen.

We are looking for people/companies for class actions that have been subject to forced auctions under the district court in Hillerød for the last three years with Jyske bank, Jyske realkredit as the applicant. The process does not have to end with a forced auction, but must include a visit to the property.

Henvendelse til ehr@dktc.dk


Since I am writing a book about how corruption and cronyism rule Denmark, I will once again bring my call to the Danish state for the informants involved, as well as the many criminals in Jyske Bank A/S, to be interviewed for use in the content of my book, and I ask you to accept my evidence that Jyske Bank is behind extensive crime, I still want to present this to the Prime Minister's Office, the Ministry of Finance, the Financial Supervisory Authority, the Ministry of Justice, the National Bank, the Danish Courts Authority and, not least, the Danish politicians in the Folketing. In other words, the many participating politicians who are aware of Jyske Bank's use of fraud and forgery as well as abuse of power of attorney, but who cover up the organized crime which Jyske Bank A/S is behind, have no comments on what I write, so answer that you are agree, and say I can't stop corruption and cronyism in Denmark, my task is simply to write about it and warn others.

Jyske Bank has got a new mascot BODIL

Bodil that cost a 72-year-old. woman life
, and is a name I associate with destruction and billion expenses for the whole of Denmark.

Jyske Bank has made great efforts to find a name that fits Jyske bank’s destructive business methods.


15 maj 2022. Her er lidt af beviserne for at Jyske Bank lyver, med bilag, dokumentation registreres, og er ikke færdig.

Warning against trusting the Danish State as cover the biggest criminal Danish banks as Jyske Bank A/S. Since Jyske Bank is deeply criminal, and has exposed both me and my small business to organized fraud, I no longer wish to be a customer of this highly criminal Daske Bank. I will therefore cancel my account 5050 1432988 in Jyske Bank AS with effect from 31/12 2022. Below, you will find copies of the latest emails at danish, to Jyske Bank and the Danish State as well as the Danish government, which the authorities. “The government.” together with ATP and the Jyske Bank group and others, have all still ignored.

I have written that Jyske Bank are criminals since 2016. – no answers.

I have written that Jyske Bank are criminals to the politicians, authorities, including the State Ministry, the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority and the National Bank of Denmark since May 2019. – no answers.

And since October 2019, I have written in many emails and publicly that Jyske Bank has bribed Lundgren’s lawyers. – no answers.

And since 2021, has written in many emails and publicly that Supreme Court judge Kurt Rasmussen has covered up that Jyske Bank has bribed Lundgren’s lawyers not to present the client’s fraud and false case against Jyske Bank. – no answers.

And so on.

So why do you think that no one, neither Jyske Bank, the state, nor the authorities, and nor Danish journalists dare to question to Jyske Bank’s credibility, and talk with me about these accusations, which could deprive Jyske Bank of the right to conduct banking business in Denmark.

You can read more in my coming book about corruption and abuse of power as well as organized crime in Denmark, and how the covers it, or who, and how the rest of the authorities who are actually involved in Jyske Bank’s crimes collaborates against and undermines Danes’ legal certainty to also hide that Jyske Bank itself launders the money the bank has received through fraud, even if it is only a few million dkk. I am writing about here.

When Jyske Bank commits fraud against a customer, and with help, has hidden an income has come by fraud, then this is money laundering., here are a few shared posts in the blog, if you think something has been written in some posts from 2016. until today, that needs to be corrected or deleted, please contact me here +4522227713 or at banknyt@gmail.com

In my Book, I will get down in to details and will not content myself with writing, as before on social media that Nikolaj Hansen together with Jeanett Kofoed-Hansen for Jyske Bank A/S started organized fraud against me and my small business as a customer of Jyske Bank.

If you want to collaborate with me, for use in the book about Jyske Bank’s fraud, or would like to be anonymous in my story, write and ask me here, and write why you want to be anonymous.

I want to publish the book in English, and if you have any questions you can contact me here.

Please share this page with Jyske Bank legal, and Martin Nielsen, Jyske Bank Director att CEO Anders Christian Dam, and with Lars Stensgaard Mørch as I do not know if they are aware that I am exposing the Jyske Bank group as a gang of criminal fraudsters.

Since no one will answer me Carsten Storbjerg Skaarup why the Danish State is covering up a criminal bank that, like Jyske Bank, has lent out DKK 546,000,000,000 and which bank is also behind extensive fraud.

Everyone as reading along, is asked to share this page letter, To the European central bank, Since Jyske Bank is laundering the money Jyske bank has earned from the bank’s own fraud, with those how is involved, if you dare as a Journalist to ask questions about WHY NO ONE of the may Mail the defrauded customer in Jyske Bank have written, then this is a call to ask critical questions to the Danish state about where the authorities allow Danish banks to commit fraud..

These are quite serious accusations, such as that the Danish state is covering up the methods of Jyske Bank’s criminal association, which is why Jyske Bank should be put under stricter supervision, or that Jyske Bank is deprived of the right to conduct banking business in Denmark.

Use links to email addresses and share my accusations of corruption in Denmark with the Prime Minister’s Office, the Parliament, the Ministry of Justice, the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority and Denmarks Nationalbank.

Everyone is a witness that Jyske Bank uses fraud, forged documents and misuses power of attorney in the bank’s business, and that Jyske Bank has bribed Lundgren’s lawyers to keep their client, i.e. me, out of the case against the same Jyske Bank, which employed a judge Kurt Rasmussen, and plise Also ask the Bar Council and the Bar Association why they collectively cover up the fact that the criminal Jyske Bank A/S has bribed Lundgren’s lawyers through the use of return commissions

And employees of Kromann Reumert lawyers, Horten lawyers, DLA pipper lawyers and Danish Industry as also cover, that Jyske Bank has bribed Lundgren’s lawyers.

Also ask the prosecuting authorities, such as Saoek, whether the fraud Jyske Bank is behind is not a criminal offence.

Ask why their employees are covering up the sophisticated financial crime, that Jyske Bank is demonstrably behind, and why they have not responded to a single inquiry from the small customer that Jyske Bank is defrauding with support from the Danish state.

Since a decision in the Bar Council cannot be appealed to another administrative authority.

It is obviously with reference to the complaint 06-05-2020. about Lundgren’s lawyers and the lawyer board’s decision that employees of the Danish Courts Agency, Kromann Reumert, Horten lawyers and Danish Industry are covering up that Lundgren’s lawyers have knowingly and DISHONORABLELY WORKED AGAINST JUSTICE for their client, after Jyske Bank bribed Lundgren’s lawyers for this fraudulent act, which is to undermine the principles of the rule of law, and you who I have written about, you are very welcome to answer.

And this question is about Danes’ legal certainty.

Would you then ask the Ministry of Justice whether they, and the Minister Peter Hummelgaard of Justice agree with the Supreme Court Judge Kurt Rasmussen’s decision.

The question is a general question, and therefore not a question for a specific case or complaint, which is why the Ministry of Justice, as the highest authority, can answer.

Questions to the government ant Ministry of Justice and the Minister of Justice Peter Hummelgaard have been sent 14 January 2023.

And is the following:

Question No. 1.

If a law firm conceals not just one pleading, but if a law firm chooses to conceal multiple pleadings from their client.

And the lawyer firm also does not have to hand over prescriptions,

even if the client requests it.

Is this a violation of good legal practice or is it not a violation of good legal practice.

Question No. 2.

A client who hires a law firm has no claim to know, what their lawyers present in the client’s case, which is why lawyers do not need to respond to their client’s inquiries.

Right or wrong?.

Is this a violation of good legal practice or is it not a violation of good legal practice.

The Ministry of Justice is Denmark’s highest authority and is also requested to answer this question 3.

Is the Ministry of Justice sure that the Bar Council is independent and that no member has a hidden agenda, such as perhaps being able to cover up someone or something, if the economic consequences for society are of such a magnitude, how for the bar council can weigh the economic interests higher than legal certainty.

Customers continue to make fierce accusations against the Jyske Bank group, for being behind extensive crime, including for fraud, use of false documents, use of bribery, abuse of power of attorney, use of legal abuse, and much more.

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