Here is the fight, with a one single man against a whole army.

Warning against Danish banks

The danish bank fraud, as the danish state seems to want to be hidden.


A case as this, where a regular customer has been fighting against, the Danish bank Jyskebank, through many years, just to avoid the bank’s constant fraud.

After 10 years of fraud, and a fight since 2013, still unsuccessful.


However, the customer first discovered, that it was gross fraud in 2016, and after which the bank’s lawyers In Lund Elmer Sandager, and the executive management CEO Anders Christian Dam was informed about the fraud.

Expects the customer that the bank “Jyske bank” itself, immediately stops the bank fraud against the customer.


But after 3 years, is the customer become more wise, and must be aware, that the Danish bank will not voluntarily, stop the scam.

At least not voluntarily.


Here is the fight, with a one single man against a whole army.


Remember we have to do, with one of Denmark’s most powerful financial companies.

And this company obviously does not work, according to the same rules, as the other Danish population

As the law otherwise prescribes, to be equal for all


It’s all about evidence
and they are presented to the court.


But now the case will comes into the Danish courtrooms, and the customer, can finally see an end to this one fortune criminal act.

This should very much show, how danish banks consciously dishes in documents, abusing expired agreements, lying to court, lying to customers and their lawyers, only to be able to continue fraud.


If the bank jyske bank disagrees, would a meeting could uncover,

Whether it is a crime against the customer.


The customer, simple do not understand, how danish banks are running, and that with state loans.


Therefore beware trusting Danish banks as jysk bank.

Beware before you buying shares in denmark, perhaps the truth is not as you think.


That Danish pension funds, which ATP has a large investments, in Danish banks equities, hold the course up.

But should the Danish owners, themselves stop having equities In Danish bank and support companies.

That commit illegality, because the price would probably fall, on the Danish bank shares in jyske bank, if danish investors chose not to support companies, who expose customers to fraud.


It seems that the danish state allows the Danish banks to do fraud against customers, while the state prosecutor block investigation of the danish bank’s obvious crime.

Therefore become danish banks not thoroughly investigated, by the danish police, for money laundering
or other forms of crime, such as fraud.


Try to think about this, and then answer.

Why is it always, a foreign government examining Danish banks. for economic Crimes as money laundering.

And I punish the banks with millions of fines, and more.

And not Denmark itself !

Just asking.


Can other countries rely trust on the Danish banks.

And relying trust on the Danish state ensures that Danish banks comply all laws and rules. !



In the case BS 1-698/2015 which will soon come to the Danish court trial

This happens alone due to one single man’s fight against big Danish bank for fraud and document false


Danish Bank gross fraud against customers seems to be Jyske Bank’s foundation.


The corporate management of the Jyske Bank.

Anders Christian Dam
Niels Erik Jakobsen
Per Skovhus
Peter Schleidt

Stands together, with the rest of the management.

Sven Buhrækall
Kurt Bligaard Pedersen
Rina Asmussen
Philip Baruch
Jens Borup
Keld Norup
Christina Lykke Munk
Johnny Christensen
Marianne Lillevang

And continued together in union, the bank fraud against customer.


The bank does not want to admit fraud itself, or apologize for anything.

And this Danish bank does not want to stop the fraud, except after a judgment.


Beware the Danish banks as Jyske Bank, there lying and cheating customers, lies to court to hide gross fraud.


Follow the case against the Danish bank jyske bank, in the Danish courtroom.

Viborg court
Case number BS 1-698/2015

Court negotiation
30th of September and October 1st 2019


The bank jyske bank behind the fraud.

Do not want to talk to the customer, as the bank through almost 11 years of gross fraud, continues to deceive.

The customer has since May 2016, attempted to enter into dialogue with the management, which rejects any attempt to meet, to review the case
for if it was true, the bank made fraud against the customer.

But no one in the Danish bank jyske bank wants to talk with us.


The customer must still wait 6 months, before the case can be processed in court

30 September 2019

And there will have the court’s words, to stop the Danish bank’s continued fraud, against the firm


Do you have question to the case “The Danish bank fraud”

please ask by SMS

“we hide nothing / but the Danish banks do”

Thank for reading this.


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