07-10-2020. Here we will share the individual members and former members of the Danske Bank, Jyske Bank’s friendships and political contacts, and what influence this elite has in their Danish society, and to the large international communities

Here we will share the individual members and former members of the Danske Bank, Jyske Bank’s friendships and political contacts, and what influence this elite has in their Danish society, and to the large international communities.


Link til video med beviser for at Jyske Bank koncernen laver dokument falsk og bedrageri.


We will review the individual members in Jyske Bank AS and their friendships and their contacts here. Then we will share the friends’ contacts and their political influence.


If you have friendships with Jyske Bank’s friends, you will be able to find your relationship with Jyske Bank’s friends here.
If you are friends of Jyske Bank’s friends and cannot see that you have been added to the list, call +4522227713 and say you have been forgotten.

This page is only about showing the umbrella that is laid out with Anders Christian Dam at the top


Chairman of the Board of the Danish bank Jyske Bank Kurt Bligaard Pedersen.


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Read 01-07-2019 HOW MANY CUSTOMERS BEYOND US AMOUNTS JYSKE BANK FOR FRAUD Jyske bank lån rådgivning These members of Jyske Bank’s Board of Directors have been knowledgeable about the bank’s many years of fraud against customers, without wanting to stop the bank’s continued fraud. Bente Overgaard 2020 Anker Laden-Andersen 2019 Per Schnack 2019 Sven Buhrkall 2019 Kurt Bligaard Pedersen 2019 Rina Asmussen 2019 Philip Baruch 2019 Jens A Borup 2019 Keld Norup 2019 Christina Lykke Munk 2019 Haggai Kunisch 2018 Johnny Christensen 2019 Marianne Lillevang 2019 Anders Dam 2019 Leif F Larsen 2018 Niels Erik Jakobsen 2019 Per Skovhus 2019 Peter Schleidt. Bente Overgaard 2020 The new board member, must then just 100% learn how Jyske Bank is doing and continue million frauds, since Bente Overgaard comes from the big shareholder Nykredit Bente Overgaard hardly knows the whole foundation of Jyske Bank A/S / Klik and Read www.Jyskebank.dk Med whistleblower-ordningen kan der blandet andet ske indberetning af: Økonomisk kriminalitet, herunder bestikkelse, bedrageri, dokumentfalsk, korruption eller lignende Problemet for Jyske Banks koncern, er at de er ligeglade, og Bestyrelsen forsøger at dække over Jyske Banks Bedrageri

Kurt Bligaard Pedersen Adm. direktør, Gazprom With Sergay A. Emeliyanov Deputy Director Gazprom, Energy, fhv. koncerndirektør, Dong Energy, fhv. afdelingschef i Finansministeriet og adm. direktør i Økonomiforvaltningen, Københavns Kommune, These are major forces in the Danish economy, which is behind a million frauds of Jyske Bank’s customer, where board members from Jyske Bank who are at the top of gazprom england who are behind a Danish billion agreement, on the purchase of gas to Denmark, are therefore, even the political friends of the parliament will not interfere in banks’ fraud against customers.


A few articles Kurt Bligaard Pedersen Adm. direktør, Gazprom and Jyske Bank board.

Is Russian Organized Crime the link between the Danske Bank money laundering scandal and the Novichok poisoning of ex-Russian spy Sergei Skripal?

Kurt Bligaard Pedersen er direktør i Gazprom.
Socialdemokratisk rådgiver.
Han har tidligere arbejdet i Socialdemokratiet, i Finansministeriet, på Københavns Rådhus og i Dong Energy.
Bliver ny formand for bestyrelsen i Jyske Bank, mens Bente Overgaard tidligere Nykredit direktør og Board Member kommer i Jyske Banks bestyrelse.

Bente Overgaard er nyt medlem af den kriminelle bank Jyske Bank, og medlemmer Anker Laden-Andersen, Per Schnack, Sven Buhrkall, Kurt Bligaard Pedersen, Rina Asmussen, Philip Baruch, Jens A Borup,Keld Norup, Christina Lykke Munk, Haggai Kunisch utræder, Johnny Christensen, Marianne Lillevang, Anders Christian Dam, Leif F Larsen udtræder, Niels Erik Jakobsen, Per Skovhus, Peter Schleidt.

New Dong boss fires profile from Eldrup’s hierarchy. Kurt Bligaard Pedersen who helped sell 25% of the Danes energy company Dong “rename Ørsted after the much attention”
where Goldman Sachs retrieves 12.4 billion from Denmark by selling “Ørsted” Dong shares.

The big criminal organizations in Denmark Again a fun case from Denmark’s largest banks the Danish Bank Jyske Bank, and Lundgrens. Don’t hope Jyske Bank, will try to buy our new lawyer by offering work like Jyske Bank bought Lundgrens.

Kurt Bligaard Pedersen Jyske Bank
Is the chief executive of the British branch of the Russian energy group Gazprom