GB. Die große dänische Anwaltskanzlei Lund Elmer Sandager von Partner Philip Baruch hilft der Danske Bank Jyske Bank, lügt in rechtlichen Angelegenheiten und verbirgt die Wahrheit, in rechtlichen Angelegenheiten zu enttäuschen. Es sollte erwähnt werden, dass Philip Baruch mehrere Positionen in der Jyske Bank als Beispiel im Verwaltungsrat der Bank innehat

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Rådden advokat rådgivning i LUNDGRENS. Lundgrens advokater ved Dan Terkildsen, modtager 5. Februar 2018 en mappe med bevismateriale, for at jyske bank udføre Mandatsvig, Bedrageri, Dokumentfalsk, Fuldmagtsmisbrug, Udnyttelse OSV. Lundgrens bliver anmodet om at føre sagen, og at fremlægge Klientens påstande overfor retten. Lundgrens advokater har påtaget sig opgaven. September 2019, har Lundgrens advokater stadig ikke fremlagt nogle af Klientens påstande. Men Dan Terkildsen fra Lundgrens, har istedet forsøgt selv at styre og kontrollere hvilket påstande, Lundgrens selv vil fremlægge. Dan Terkildsen Lundgrens har i September 2019 meddelte at han ikke vil bruge så stærke ord som SVIG. Dan Terkildsen Lundgrens har fra 20. September 2019 kunne svare på spørgsmålet: Arbejder Lundgrens advokater for Jyske Bank. Hvis ja så svar Hvor længe har det foregået. Lørdag 21. September 2019, kan vi se på Lundgrens hjemmeside, at advokatvirksomheden 21. Juni 2018 har meddelt, at have givet jyske bank rådgivning i en trecifret millionbeløb handel. Lundgrens advokater betegnes herefter som dybt indhabile, og deres store modstand, og konstante ingurering af henvender, giver alt sammen mening. Lundgrens advokater og jyske bank er bedste venner. Og nok også derfor meddeler Dan Terkildsen Septemper 2019, Lundgrens advokater vil modsætte sig “bruger en anden formulering” at CEO Anders Christian Dam, indkaldes for den samlede bestyrelse som vidne.

Denmark’s perhaps biggest banking scandal during escalation.

New Danish bank scandal under investigation, by the customer himself, while other lawyers and banks just cover over the small matter.

And this time it’s not about money laundering, which the Danish banks are already known for.

This time it is a false and fraud matter with Denmark’s second largest bank Jyske Bank.

In this case the danish lawyers Lundgrens are deeply involved, in that the client’s, allegation of fraud and document false against Jyske Bank, has not been presented to the court, before the client himself had to present evidence and allegations to the court, at October 28.

And why the Jyske Bank fraud, against their small customer has not yet been stopped, after 11 years of fraud.

What do Lundgrens think about our allegations, and evidence against Jyske bank about the fraud chase. Dan Terkildsen said August 13 that the Board of Jyske Bank was not guilty of anything.

Lundgrens have not one comment of our claims.

? That is very strange ? WHY ?. One month ago, after being discovered at Lundgrens, is working for Jyske bank, and has worked for the defendant Jyskebank, at least since April 2018

And Dan Terkelsen let their client, believe that Lundgrens was their lawyer, but at the same time, Lundgren’s lawyers also received a million fees to work for Jyske Bank.

It seems most likely that Jyske bank has bribed Lundgrens, to meet up in court, without submitting the client’s claims against Jyske Bank, just to lose the case. Would you like to tell the group management CEO Anders Dam, that we do not want to be deceived. We just want to meet, with the President Anders Christian Dam, and as adults talk together, because this is not the way to do fair banking business.

And we have no interest in writing anything untrue. The question in court, is whether we are right, and can prove we are right. What does Lundgrens mean? you never told us that. Feel free to leave a comment on Facebook, Twitter for updates.

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+45 22 22 77 13 if you need any further information.

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The Chase BS-402/2015-VIB This is just a call to dialogue, as when we first wrote in May 2016 to the entire board in the Jyske Bank.

Best regards from Storbjerg Business

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For those of you who use Lundgren’s lawyers, or are clients in the Danish banks, such as Jyske Bank, you should read here. Notice to you who has shares in Jyske Bank, follow the case. We have, as you may have read, informed the court that we have fired Lundgren’s lawyers in the case against Jyske Bank for fraud. BS 402/2015-VIB A simple and straightforward case, but unfortunately after 44 months has not yet been presented by a lawyer before the court. Please help us and tell us if we have not clearly and clearly told Lundgren’s attorneys to present our fraud allegations to the court. Read letters and smear at ? We are here trying to show and document to you that relying on Lundgrens can be associated with an unnecessary risk that you should not expose yourself to. So before choosing the large Danish law firm Lundgren’s lawyers in the Port of Tuborg So read here how Lundgrens works. Link to text messages can be found on ! We have previously used Dan Terkildsen Partner in Lundgrens, he was in the process of complying with Jyske Bank’s interests, and has withheld the client’s claims and evidence in court. Dan Terkildsen’s partner in Lundgren’s lawyers has therefore been fired, on suspicion that Lundgrens has accepted bribes. The mere suspicion that Jyske Bank Group management, probably the top management, with CEO Anders Christian Dam in the lead, who, through the use of a “return commission”, has in fact bribed Lundgren’s lawyers, not to present the client’s claims against Jyske Bank for a million fraud, is now presented to the court. ! Philip Baruch’s partner in Lund Elmer Sandager Attorneys is taking a sharp distance from the board of Jyske Bank, should have bribed Lundgren’s lawyers. But just read the pictures of text messages between Lundgrens and the client. When reading text messages are between Carsten and Emil, ask yourself? Why does Emi Lundgrensl not respond to the client, and directly against the order, again submits a writ petition outside the client. It feels like Jyske Bank, the bank also works only according to Jyske Bank’s own interests. And then tell if Lundgrens has counteracted their clients’ interests, and instead helped, Jyske Bank towards their own client.