Read a true story about how, a large Danish banks like here Jyske Bank cooperate with several lawyers. Stand behind millions of fraud against their own customer.

Read a true story about how, a large Danish banks like here Jyske Bank cooperate with several lawyers.

Stand behind millions of fraud against their own customer.

Breaking News,
The Danish bank’s board of directors is behind Jyske Bank’s continued fraud against the customer.

Read about the case where the client alone had to investigate, and fight to have their claims presented in court, and how their lawyers from Lundgrens fought that the client’s claims were never presented to the court.

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“Shares just a few more letters showing that Lundgren’s lawyers must be corrupt, and has worked for the defendant Jyske Bank against the case in court. / informs which letters down in the posting.”


And Lundgrens have withheld the applicant’s claims, were not presented to the court, to disappoint in legal matters.

If we make mistakes, it is actually something we want to dialogue about, so we can correct any mistakes, but here is a lot that is a fact

The plaintiff is very likely to have hired a corrupt law firm.

Trying to write the post in as a funny presentation, although in fact, seemed to be a damaging case.

Remember now if there is something you do not agree with, then write what, and look at the documentation, if it is us who have not understood the provisions of the Criminal Code.

Lundgrens board of directors, must be an important piece of this fraud, where Jyske Bank A/S apparently does not go out of its way to buy plaintiff’s lawyers.

Which can only be to help Jyske bank disappoint in legal matters.

That works for the bank, that exposes the plaintiff to fraud.

Do you want to help us understand if the Danish bank Jyske Bank is directly criminal.

Or we are crazy.

Here on the Banknyt dk comes the Danish translation of banking news

In fact, everything that has been written you have been able to find on bank news since 2016

Welcome to banking news. English version,
Now remember we can’t spell and formulate, so carry on with the many spelling mistakes.

A case for SØIK
Fraud Squad.

About special economic crime.

We know nothing about Bribery, Fraud, Documentary False, Mandate Fraud, or whether lying to the court in a legal relationship is illegal or legal, but that suggests it is perfectly legal, otherwise the police would intervene.

And here our allegations 28-10-2019 copi on BANKNYT are presented against Jyske Bank A/S for fraud. “Deceitful”

Here’s the fun part:
If you have a fraud or false case against you yourself, and if the plaintiff uses Lundgrens attorneys.

That we ourselves used Lundgrens against Jyske Bank A/S.


Then ask Lundgren’s lawyer partner company.

What it will cost
If Lundgrens if the doe not present plaintiff’s claims against you.

As Lundgrens was supposed to present our claims, but did the opposite.


Maybe Lundgren’s lawyer already has a price list.

We are a large office. I do not know if there are other lawyers working for the defendant “Jyske Bank” said the partner from Lundgrens Dan Terkildsen 13-08-2019.

It’s just fun.


But didn’t Dan Terkildsen think it’s funny ?

The Board of Lundgrens may have more control over what services, Lundgren’s lawyers offer. Corruption, Return Commission, Bribery, does not stand as an offer on Lundgrens website, is this something the lawyer offers?

As with hardware stores, ask for what you can’t find on the shelves.

We do not know the price Lundgrens got, maybe it was just a friend service.


We did not think this is funny, we have written and written, reformulated and put up our claims, so that a lawyer should be able to read that we claim that Appendix 1. is false

But whatever we have presented to Lundgrens, that Appendix 1. is false.

Then Lundgrens presented the case as if we had entered into the agreement Appendix 1.

Without mentioning a word that their client claims it is FALSE

If Lundgrens has not been paid for not being able to read, and understand our claims, then Lundgren’s attorney’s office should shut down.

Because then Lundgrens are too stupid to be lawyers.


The other possibility.

Is that Lundgren is deeply corrupt
And that Jyske Bank A/S has bribed Lundgren’s lawyers.


It is possible it is gross accusations.
But now try to read and read the many letters on BANKNYT dk.

We are quite alone in the desire for Danish banks not to make fraud.

Lundgrens apparently thought that it was okay, just Lundgren’s lawyers are employed by Jyske bank.

And since Jyske Bank has made millions of transactions with Lundgren’s lawyers, Lundgren’s view of the law and their honesty have changed quite a bit.


That Lundgren’s lawyers, did what they could, to disappoint in legal matters, by not submitting our allegations against Jyske Bank A/S for false and fraud in court.

Again, these are just facts.


But then we hope for Lundgren’s lawyers, that they have been well paid, for not presenting our claims in court.

Or else has Jyske Bank scamed Lundgrens lawyers.

Welcome DANISH translation on BANKNYT dk

Banking News.

We share here the letters to Lundgrens lawyers, explaining why the law firm is corrupt.

And therefore being fired 24-09-2019, as a result of incompetence, and Lundgrens million working together with Jyske Bank’s group management, as the client, has since February 2018 submitted their claims to Lundgren’s lawyer partner company.


Then you can see for yourself, that Lundgrens dishonestly, against all good lawyer custom, deliberately and dishonestly counteracted their client’s case, a million-fraud case (false) against Denmark’s second largest bank, Jyske Bank A/S.

Which never became presented to the courts by Lundgrens lawyers.

The client had to present their allegations against Jyske Bank A/S for fraud and false 28-10-2019. by them themselves.

You can guess why Lundgren’s direct, and since February 2018 has counteracted, that the client’s case against Jyske Bank A/S was not never been presented the court.

This is a case of financial crime and bribery at the top of Danish society.

But as someone from the police has said “out of refrain” It’s political, and you can’t do anything.

It may not be right, Jyske Bank is doing fraud, the board of Jyske Bank stands together in the back of the union, the parliament knows, the police know but everyone does not care, it is a bank that the state has granted state aid.

We are ready to bring the case to the court of human rights if that is what Jyske Bank wants, because then there is something wrong in denmark, when nobody wants to stop the criminal Danish banks.

Dan Terkildsen Lundgrens said 13-08-2019
Jyske bank may have made a few mistakes, it is nothing special, but now it is also not some lawyers from Lundgrens who are exposed to deliberate fraud.

We are and we will not find us in it. it is about several millions of Danish kroner, and we are hardly the only ones, who are exposed to fraud by Jyske Bank.


The Lundgrens say, they want to make the case as simple as possible, otherwise a judge, may not be able to understand the case.

And that this is done by not submitting some of their client claims, and removing the client’s evidence, ducks in the client’s claim for an Appendix 1. are agreed. even if the client says it is fake.

Lundgrens is unworthy of the Danish law society.

Shame on you


Quite simply, Jyske Bank’s Board of Directors is struggling, to get the case against Jyske Bank for multiple fraud and fraudulent conditions out of date, in order to continue raising interest rates of the DKK 4,328,000

Of the interest swap Appendix 1. which Jyske Bank A/S started on 30-12-2008.

Even though we say that Appendix 1. is false, there was not even a valid offer.

Jyske bank A/S with the CEO Anders Christian Dam and direction in the lead, is struggling against the customers, to pay interest on a loan of DKK 4,328,000.

A loan as the bank has submitted, in legal proceedings, as recorded in Nykredit, as the underlying loan, to the SWAP of DKK 4,328,000 which Jyske Bank A/S

Made by Jyske bank business branch Vesterbrogade 9 and the date it is made 16-07-2008.

It is a fact. Jyske Bank has been active, in legal matters since 2013, providing more false information, lied to the court untrue and dishonest, and it has been imperative for Lund Elmer Sandager Philip Baruch to withhold the truth in court.



False has submitted, that the Swap made by Jyske Bank 16-07-2008 is the Swap, made by Jyske Bank 15-07-2008.

At the same time, Jyske Bank’s Board of Directors has withheld information that the Swap customer approved with Jyske Bank on 15-07-2008.

Which was only agreed, if the customer chose to repay the loan offered of 4,328,000 dkk in Nykredit as Swappen of 4,328,000 dkk from 15-07-2008 had been agreed for.

Even though the swap customer approved on 15-07-2008 and which closes on 30-12-2008 FACT, Jyske bank A/S makes itself, and without agreement with the customer, an extra interest rate swap the same period.

Jyske Bank alone made a swap without the customer 16-07-2008. without informing or obtaining permission from the customer, there are facts

Also therefore, since February 5, 2018
We have continuously presented the case to Lundgrens lawyer partner company that the swap from 16-07-2008 Appendix 1. is false.

You can always go to banknyt dk
Where several letters have been shared to Lundgrens lawyers.

Lundgrens lawyers writes to the court 02-09-2019

That the customer ”the plaintiff” has entered into an agreement “with the defendant “ on the case’s Appendix 1. from 16-07-2008

Even though the customer repeatedly, writes that appendix 1. it is false, and this is an allegation that Lundgrens lawyers must present to the court.



Retained information that the Swap of 15-07-2008 has been closed 30-12-2008.

Dishonest and untrue.

Submits that customer has borrowed DKK 4,328,000 and has rescheduled this loan.

Jyske Bank A/S has done much else, that is clearly described in the Criminal Code. As punishable offenses.


But which now after the bank’s changed claims is an interest swap swap from 16-07-2008, agreed for the loan the customer is offered 06-05-2019 and which the customer takes up 03-07-2009.

Incidentally, a loan such as Jyske Bank on forced sale of a building plot, has forced a reduction of about DKK 1,500,000 without letting the swap follow the now-proposed loan.

Section 279 of the Danish Criminal Code clearly defraudes.

This is one of the claims Lundgrens lawyers had to make against Jyske Bank, but Jyske Bank bought Lundgrens instead.


Jyske Bank Group management wants the customer to pay Jyske Bank the approx. DKK 2,500,000 in interest.

For a loan that does not exist, but which Jyske Bank has lied about existed, to make more money for their shareholders, one must assume.


For the loan of DKK 4,328,000 which the customer

A: has not taken.

B: Have not rescheduled.


And this because Jyske Bank’s many contributors have for years lied, to the customer, who was ill after a brain haemorrhage, and been sick for about 5 years.

The client only in 2016 finds that Jyske Bank A/S is lying.

After the board member Philip Baruch 10-09-2015 presented the swap from 15-07-2008 along with several other appendices.

Several of the annexes have been manipulated, as the annual report from 2008.

Annexes O.
Here it turns out that Jyske Bank A/S has removed the agreement Annexes E. page 4 and 5. from 15-07-2008 which the customer approved with Jyske Bank 15-07-2008, for the project and offer the client subsequently cashed.

As Lundgrens client during the period February 5, 2018. to September 1, 2019. This and much more, the client has continually presented to Lundgren’s attorneys with instructions to present to the court

02-09-2019 you can then see if Lundgrens lawyers has submitted some of their client’s claims to the court


The story
One of the true ones

Starts in 2008/2009 In 2013, against Jyske Bank for bad advice in banking institute appeals board case no. 328/2013.

In 2015, the case continues in court, now BS-402/2015-VIB. Where the Client has had to make and present their claims against Jyske Bank A/S.

Their lawyers Lundgrens lawyer partner company turned out to be corrupt, and did not take care of their client’s interests, but in secret has taken care of Jyske Bank’s interests.

And that the client then discovered 21-09-2019, after Partner in the grove Dan Terkildsen lawyers at a meeting 13-08-2019

Says that he does not know if there are others, in the office working for Jyske bank, and smiling says it is a big office after all.

The client suspects that Lundgrens lawyers are dishonest.

And 20-09-2019 Asking the client Lundgren’s partner Dan Terkildsen to answer 2 questions


About Lundgrens works for Jyske Bank

And if yes

How long time has Lundgrens worked for Jyske Bank A/S


Lawyer Dan Terkildsen and Lundgrens choose not to answer the client.


Which you can read in the shared letters, where there are repeated calls, for copies of court books and more.

The client finds on 21-09-2019 proof that Lundgrens has advised Jyske Bank group on a sale for 600,000,000 dkk.

Which Lundgrens has hidden from their client. What else has Lundgrens hidden from their client. as their client does not respond the client reasons

It is therefore Lundgrens is fired 25-09-2019
which is also shared on banknews dk. “BANKNYT dk.”


In 2016, we discover that Jyske Bank A/S has made several cases of Mandate Fraud, Document Fraud and Fraud.

The customer in Jyske Bank tries in various ways to make the Group aware that Jyske Bank is just deceiving them.

The Group Board of Directors, CEO Anders Christian Dam, refuses dialogue.

And the management will not stop the bank’s continued fraudulent business against the bank’s customer.

The customer tries in a different and fun way, to get in touch with the board.

And at the start this new transgressive way, the customer chooses in November 2016. to try open the bank’s eyes and initial dialogue.

But the Jyske Bank bank didn’t care, if it was because of you political friends it could be ?

In 2016 we did not think that the car still, here 4 years after, was to be a picture of Jyske Bank’s foundation.

No, it’s not fun anymore.

But this is our only opportunity to come out with our message, the case seemed darkened by everyone in Denmark.


The management of Jyske Bank now stop exposing us to Fraud, and talk to us, this is not funny.


If we ourselves are guilty of exposing ourselves to fraud, then help us understand.


Call us +4522227713 CEO Anders Dam
Or at least meet us and let us see the appendices together.

If Jyske Bank’s board of directors at Danish, would explain, that the bank did nothing wrong, while we look at the appendices together.
Of course, we then erased these gross allegations against Jyske Bank Group A/S and against Jyske Bank’s entire Board of Directors, and lastly against Lund Elmer Sandager Attorneys.

But Jyske Bank’s board just laughs.

There are from February 2016 and the next 43 months until 24-09-2019 where during the period we have had 2. Attorneys.

Redstone Attorneys by Thomas Schioldan Sørensen. “Rødstenen.” Rödstenen lawyers


Lundgren’s lawyer partner company by partner Dan Terkildsen.

Both have had to present their client’s claims against Jyske Bank for fraud and false, but probably of financial interests with Jyske Bank’s Board of Directors, chosen to counteract the client’s financial interests.

The client has hired a new and independent lawyer to help stop Jyske Bank’s fraud business, which the Client himself has had to present to the court 28-10-2019.

But look here just 1 mail from September 1, 2019.

Where the Client again gives Lundgrens lawyers instructions, to present their allegations and to write their 9. witnesses to court.

And hold it against it as Lundgrens attorneys Submit September 2, 2019.

Where Lundgrens attorneys dit not present any of the client’s allegations, and have removed 7. of the client’s 9 witnesses.

If Lundgrens lawyers are not corrupt, then have been bribed by Jyske Bank’s board, not to present their client’s claims against Jyske Bank.

So please Jyske Bank and Lundgrens

01-09-2019 Remember this is only one of maybe 100 letters and mails to Lundgrens where we ask them to present our case against Jysk Bank A/S Silkeborg Denmark

As always, we can be contacted


Lundgren’s attorneys must be visually impaired, and more word blind than their client.

Or even if Jyske Bank A/S paid Lundgrens many millions dkk, hidden as return commission, to help cover Jyske Banks A/S fraud and false, against the bank’s customer, and disappoint in residual conditions.

See more letters at Banknyt dk

Unfortunately, Lundgren’s lawyer partner company, cannot even see that Lundgrens has done anything wrong.

Can you ?, please share

And partner Dan Terkildsen from Lundgrens, has written that Lundgrens, can advise Jyske Bank A/S with a million agreement very well, and at the same time our case against Jyske Bank A/S.


But as you can see from a few letters, it does not at least appear as if Lundgren’s lawyers have presented some of our allegations against Jyske Bank A/S for fraud.

However, it is due to bribery, if Jyske Bank A/S Group by provided work in the form of return commission.

BANKING News Denmark.

Help us against Danish criminal banks, our former lawyer Lundgrens was bought by Jyske bank AS to harm our case, and withhold our claims before the court.

Dan Terkildsen has an unanswered question.
How long have Lundgren’s lawyers worked for Jyske Bank A/S.

Poor lawyer advice in LUNDGRENS.

Lundgren’s attorneys at Dan Terkildsen receive a folder of evidence on 5 February 2018 for Anders Christian Dam, shall be convened by the entire Board as a witness.


What exactly was Lundgren’s submission to the court, and what was Lundgren employed to present to the court?

Bribery in Denmark appeared to be a means of payment for our case not being presented by Lundgren’s Attorneys.

Nobody in Denmark has publicly wanted to comment on the little man’s fight without weapons against a whole and well-equipped army

In other words, that Jyske Bank A/S, in contravention of the provisions of the Criminal Code, has cynically bribed Lundgren’s lawyers Partner Company, not to present any of their client’s fraud allegations against Jyske Bank A/S.

Do you want to help us in the fight against criminal banks, when now the police will not interfere, we have, as you can read, also had problems with corrupt law firms.

So that’s why we ask you to help us.

Also like to look at the facts.

5479 – 4563376 Nykredit
IBAN DK0854790004563376

Help us stop the criminal Danish banks.


When Jyske Bank even writes on the catfish. and promises that a judge will probably look at the evidence, and in the end, the law is fortunately furnished.

The fact that Jyske Bank’s group is responsible for hiring Lundgren’s lawyer partner company, who are also the plaintiff’s attorneys, and as you can see here, Lundgren’s Attorneys, after being employed by Jyske Bank’s Group, do not submit any of their client’s claims, removing 7 of the Client’s witnesses, and that without informing the plaintiff anything about this, and Lundgren’s attorneys choose that their client may also not receive a copy of Prosecution 2. from September 2, 2019.

Therefore, plaintiff will only obtain a copy of Prosecution 2. after firing Lundgren’s attorneys on September 25, 2019.

You can on 2 annexes, 1 and 2 September 2019.
By self-examination, you find that Lundgren’s lawyers, completely consciously and in bad faith, directly against the client’s instructions, do the exact opposite of what the client repeated since February 2018. Lundgrens has to present in the district court.


But read the page and ask if you have any questions on 004522227713
And please inform Jyske Bank’s Board of Directors that we want dialogue.
And ask the Jyske Bank Group management to take responsibility.

I would like to apologize for being dyslexic and rather bad for spelling.

Which may also be the reason why Lundgren’s lawyer partner company has presented the opposite of what we have asked for.

Also share these letters here
As they support that Jyske Bank A/S must have paid Lundgrens lawyers in order to disappoint in legal matters.

The court has repeatedly stated that Lund Elmer Sandager Board member of Jyske bank Philip Baruch has lied, in legal matters.

And that the case against Jyske Bank has been expanded with more fraud and false allegations.

Shares just a few more letters to the court and Lundgrens,

And the court’s letter of 08 -01-2019
whose content Lundgrens has kept hidden from the client until 23-08-2019
But there is more Lundgrens has never shared. and then the letter dated 21-08-2019 in which the Client must ask the court for access to their own case against Jyske bank, after the client has since 16-04-2019 continuously asked Lundgrens lawyers to share the ledger with them,

Without Lundgrens having wanted to share some of the matter with their client.

As you can read in the letter on BANKNYT dk
The client does not know 21-08-2019 that the claims and supporting documents submitted by the client from 28-12-2018 have been removed from the case.

Why Lundgrens has veiled this against, you can asking the board of Lundgren’s lawyers.

The other shared letters are from

Which should ask big questions.

How many are involved in Jyske bank’s continued fraud against the bank’s customer, Who knows about the fraud and chooses to cover that Jyske bank both stands behind a document false and lies in court, manipulates agreement documents, has disposed of agreement documents, has corrected documents after they are signed, the abusive expired power of attorney and much more.


As I said, this case is undermining the legal security in Denmark, as all Danes can be exposed to the same as we.


Thanks for reading.

PS what you read is true no matter how sick it seems.

Remember it is a Danish Bank we are writing about.

Best wishes

The Skaarup family

Soevej 5. 3100.

Hornbaek DK

Phone +4522227713