NÅR KUNDE ANKLAGER JYSKE BANKs DIRIKTION FOR MEDVIRKENDE TIL FORTSAT BEDRAGERI. “SVIG” #SvenBuhrkall #KurtBligaardPedersen #RinaAsmussen #PhilipBaruch #JensABorup #KeldNorup #ChristinaLykkeMunk #HaggaiKunisch #MarianneLillevang #Koncerndirektionen #AndersDam #LeifFLarsen #NielsErikJakobsen #PerSkovhus #PeterSchleidt HVORFOR INDLEDER JYSKE BANK KONCERNEN SÅ IKKE EN DIALOG.

Welcome to Denmark's Criminal Banks, which deceive the bank's customers. Anders Dam JyskeBank leads the bank's fraud, along with the management. :-) In this Danish bank, the management is doing giant fraud against customer, together in a union. While other Danish banks only make money laundering, makes Jyskebank also document false and fraud. Since the Danish police do not want to stop the banks' obvious fraud, against their customers. Can we who are being deceived, only cry out to warn others against Danish banks like this Jyske Bank. We have tried to talk to the criminal gang, JYSKEBANK since May 2016. But the gang will not talk to their victim. :-) If it is just a matter of the bank's foundation is misunderstood, and the bank jyske bank does not itself believe, that the management are together in unity, and does and continues fraud against their customers. Why does the group jyskebank refuse to talk with us, but continues fraud against their customers. :-) When conversation promotes understanding. :-) For over 3 years we have tried to enter into a dialogue with the bank, who stubbornly refuses to talk to us. We should look at the matter together. And if we, as a customer, are wrong, we are the first to apologize We ask the Jyske Bank to receive our request, and the court's offer to meet, and together solve the jyske bank's problems. We therefore ask the board of directors, take its responsibility and loosen this small disagreement. Best regards May 28, 2019 Storbjerg Erhverv Management Søvej 5. 3100. Hornbæk. Phone 22227713

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