Der er ikke nogle der skal sige Jyske Bank bilen ikke kan parkerer

#AndersDam #JyskeBank #Lundgrens #DanTerkildsen It is no fun being exposed to fraud, and when the Danish police say it is all right, it has to fight the clients themselves to stop by their lawyers. Meanwhile Jyske Bank. apparently has bribed the lawyer not to bring the case to court, but we do not give up even if it is a giant criminal organization As used by criminal activities to disappoint in legal matters, and who also lie to the court.

Så lidt plads kræver det at kunne parkere, Jyske Bank bilen

Help us to stop Jyske Bank’s fraud

The little man against a Greek man with money power who seemed to be able to use to bribe the little man’s lawyer, to go against his own client, while Jyske Bank pumps millions into the law firm.
All we want is peace and dialogue.

A page about bribery in Denmark and the Danish banks’ criminality against their customers.

Now it seems that Jyske Bank A/S In addition to the use of fraud exploitation and forgery also uses bribery, and our former lawyers Lundgrens is the recipient of a return commission.
Maybe Lundgrens will explain it to you.

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