JYSKE BANKs SVINDEL / FRAUD – CALL / OPRÅB :-) Can the bank director CEO Anders Dam not understand We only want to talk with the bank, JYSKE BANK And find a solution, so we can get our life back We are talking about The last 10 years, the bank provisionally has deceived us. The Danish bank took 10 years from us. :-) Please talk to us #AndersChristianDam Rather than continue deceive us With a false interest rate swap, for a loan that has not never existed We write, and write, and write, while the bank continues the very deliberate fraud which the entire Group Board is aware of. :-) :-) A case that is so inflamed, that not even the Danish press does dare comment on it. do you think that there is something about what we are writing about. Would you ask the bank management Jyske Bank Link to the bank further down Why they will not answer their customer And deliver a copy of the loan, 4.328.000 DKK as the bank claiming the customer has borrowed i Nykredit As the Danish Bank changes interest rates, for the last 10 years, Actually since January 1, 2009 – Now the customer discovered and informed the Jyske Bank Jyske 3-bold​ Bank May 2016 that there was no loan taken. We are talking about fraud for millions, against just one customer :-) :-) Where do you come into contact with a fraudster who just does not want to stop deceiving you Have tried for over 2 years. DO YOU HAVE A SUGGESTION :-) from www.banknyt.dk Startede i jyske bank Helsingør I.L Tvedes Vej 7. 3000 Helsingør Dagblad​ Godt hjulpet af jyske bank medlemmer eller ansatte på Vesterbro, Vesterbrogade 9. Men godt assisteret af jyske bank hoved kontor i Silkeborg Vestergade Hvor koncern ledelsen / bestyrelsen ved Anders Christian Dam nu hjælper til med at dette svindel fortsætter Jyske Banks advokater som lyver for retten Tilbød 2-11-2016 forligs møde Men med den agenda at ville lave en rente bytte på et andet lån, for at sløre svindlen. ———— Journalist Press just ask Danish Bank Jyske bank why the bank does not admit fraud And start to apologize all crimes. https://www.jyskebank.dk/kontakt/afdelingsinfo?departmentid=11660 :-) #Journalist #Press When the Danish banks deceive their customers a case of fraud in Danish banks against customers :-( :-( when the #danish #banks as #jyskebank are making fraud And the gang leader, controls the bank’s fraud. :-( Anders Dam Bank’s CEO refuses to quit. So it only shows how criminal the Danish jyske bank is. :-) Do not trust the #JyskeBank they are #lying constantly, when the bank cheats you The fraud that is #organized through by 3 departments, and many members of the organization JYSKE BANK :-( The Danish bank jyske bank is a criminal offense, Follow the case in Danish law BS 99-698/2015 :-) :-) Thanks to all of you we meet on the road. Which gives us your full support to the fight against the Danish fraud bank. JYSKE BANK :-) :-) Please ask the bank, jyske bank if we have raised a loan of DKK 4.328.000 In Danish bank nykredit. as the bank writes to their customer who is ill after a brain bleeding – As the bank is facing Danish courts and claim is a loan behind the interest rate swap The swsp Jyske Bank itself made 16-07-2008 https://facebook.com/JyskeBank.dk/photos/a.1468232419878888.1073741869.1045397795495688/1468234663211997/?type=3&source=54&ref=page_internal :-( contact the bank here https://www.jyskebank.dk/omjyskebank/organisation/koncernledergruppe – Also ask about date and evidence that the loan offer has been withdrawn in due time before expiry :-) :-) And ask for the prompt contact to Nykredit Denmark And ask why (new credit bank) Nykredit, first would answer the question, after nykredit received a subpoena, to speak true. – Even at a meeting Nykredit refused to sign anything. Not to provide evidence against Jyske Bank for fraud – But after several letters admit Nykredit Bank on writing – There is no loan of 4.328.000 kr https://facebook.com/JyskeBank.dk/photos/a.1051107938258007.1073741840.1045397795495688/1344678722234259/?type=3&source=54&ref=page_internal :-( :-( So nothing to change interest rates https://facebook.com/JyskeBank.dk/photos/a.1045554925479975.1073741831.1045397795495688/1045554998813301/?type=3&source=54&ref=page_internal Thus admit Nykredit Bank that their friends in Jyske Bank are making fraud against Danish customers :-( :-( :-( Today June 29th claims Jyske Bank that a loan of DKK 4.328.000 Has been reduced to DKK 2.927.634 and raised interest rates DKK 81.182 https://facebook.com/JyskeBank.dk/photos/a.1046306905404777.1073741835.1045397795495688/1755579747810819/?type=3&source=54 :-) :-) Group management jyske bank know, at least since May 2016 There is no loan of 4.328.000 DKK And that has never existed. And the ceo is conscious about the fraud against the bank’s customer :-) Nevertheless, the bank continues the fraud But now with the Group’s Board of Directors knowledge and approval :-) The bank will not respond to anything Do you want to investigate the fraud case as a journalist? :-( :-( Fraud that the bank jyske bank has committed, over the past 10 years. :-) :-) https://facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10217380674608165&id=1213101334&ref=bookmarks Will make it better, when we share timeline, with link to Appendix :-) www.banknyt.dk /———–/ #ANDERSDAM I SPIDSEN AF DEN STORE DANSKE NOK SMÅ #KRIMINELLE #BANK #JYSKEBANK Godt hjulpet af #Les www.les.dk #LundElmerSandager #Advokater :-) #JYSKE BANK BLEV OPDAGET / TAGET I AT LAVE #MANDATSVIG #BEDRAGERI #DOKUMENTFALSK #UDNYTTELSE #SVIG #FALSK :-) Banken skriver i fundamentet at jyskebank er #TROVÆRDIG #HÆDERLIG #ÆRLIG DET ER DET VI SKAL OPKLARE I DENNE HER SAG. :-) Offer spørger flere gange om jyske bank har nogle kommentar eller rettelser til www.banknyt.dk og opslag Jyske bank svare slet ikke :-) :-) We are still talking about 10 years of fraud Follow the case in Danish court Denmark Viborg BS 99-698/2015 :-) :-) Link to the bank’s management jyske bank ask them please If we have borrowed DKK 4.328.000 as offered on May 20, 2008 in Nykredit The bank still take interest on this alleged loan in the 10th year. and refuses to answer anything :-) :-) Funny enough for all that loan is not existing just ask jyske bank why the bank does not admit fraud And start to apologize all crimes. https://www.jyskebank.dk/kontakt/afdelingsinfo?departmentid=11660 #Bank #AnderChristianDam #Financial #News #Press #Share #Pol #Recommendation #Sale #Firesale #AndersDam #JyskeBank #ATP #PFA #MortenUlrikGade #PhilipBaruch #LES #GF #BirgitBushThuesen #LundElmerSandager #Nykredit #MetteEgholmNielsen #Loan #Fraud #CasperDamOlsen #NicolaiHansen #gangcrimes #crimes :-) just ask jyske bank why the bank does not admit fraud And start to apologize all crimes. https://www.jyskebank.dk/kontakt/afdelingsinfo?departmentid=11660 #Koncernledelse #jyskebank #Koncernbestyrelsen #SvenBuhrkall #KurtBligaardPedersen #RinaAsmussen #PhilipBaruch #JensABorup #KeldNorup #ChristinaLykkeMunk #HaggaiKunisch #MarianneLillevang #Koncerndirektionen #AndersDam #LeifFLarsen #NielsErikJakobsen #PerSkovhus #PeterSchleidt / IMG_1300

#Press The customer asksing the press, to ask the #Danish #Bank, why they are doing fraud :-) :-) Never seen before That a customer pack cars into giant stickers brands, Call up the bank, just to stop the bank's fraud against customer. To get in touch with the CEO Anders Dam Anders Dam which allows the Chrime, together with management that the bank continue fraud :-) :-) For more than 2 years, at least since May 2016 Have the bank director Anders Christian Dam, the manager Jyske Bank And the board of the same Danish Bank known everything about the scam :-( Fraud against customer. The customer tries to stop the bank CEO Anders Christian Dam But fraud is a good bank business for the Danish bank, as refusing to stop fraud in the 10th year :-) :-) Thinking all employees of the Jyske bank are laughing at the customers Customers who the bank deliberately deceives The Danish Bank of Jutland JYSKE BANK Supported by the bank's employees, Employees who agree with the manager, and group management in the fight against the customer. Customer who just want dialogue and help to understand if Jyske Bank is ? Criminal or a Honest Bank :-) :-) What can you do against Denmark's biggest fraudsters? when punishing the law did not seem to apply to the Danish banks which is supported by the the state of Denmark with a several of bank packages :-) :-) To the press. #PRESS Big #crimes against Danish customers in Denmark's second largest bank jyske bank - #Warning do not trust #Danish #Bank Jyske bank / Jutland Bank :-) Do you want a good story to give your readers The truth about the Danish banks - Do you have any questions? contact us +45 22227713 See attachments on the Danish home page www.banknyt.dk :-) :-) It's about guilt and responsibility Danish letter to the bank https://facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10217257306644043&id=1213101334&ref=bookmarks :-) Little attachment Danish It is also about the bank taking millions of Danish kroner in interest rates, for a loan the danish bank is lying, that the customer has taken ---------- which the bank has taken interest for. while everyone in the bank knows, there is no loan taken. https://facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10217222726019549&id=1213101334&ref=bookmarks A bad case for the Danish Banks :-) :-) #Financial #News #Press #Share #Pol #Recommendation #Sale #Firesale #AndersDam #Jyskebank #Fraud #Bank ------------ :-) :-) Funny enough for all that loan is not existing just ask jyske bank why the bank does not admit fraud And start to apologize all crimes. https://www.jyskebank.dk/kontakt/afdelingsinfo?departmentid=11660 #Bank #AnderChristianDam #Financial #News #Press #Share #Pol #Recommendation #Sale #Firesale #AndersDam #JyskeBank #ATP #PFA #MortenUlrikGade #PhilipBaruch #LES #GF #BirgitBushThuesen #LundElmerSandager #Nykredit #MetteEgholmNielsen #Loan #Fraud #CasperDamOlsen #NicolaiHansen #gangcrimes #crimes :-) just ask jyske bank why the bank does not admit fraud And start to apologize all crimes. https://www.jyskebank.dk/kontakt/afdelingsinfo?departmentid=11660 #Koncernledelse #jyskebank #Koncernbestyrelsen #SvenBuhrkall #KurtBligaardPedersen #RinaAsmussen #PhilipBaruch #JensABorup #KeldNorup #ChristinaLykkeMunk #HaggaiKunisch #MarianneLillevang #Koncerndirektionen #AndersDam #LeifFLarsen #NielsErikJakobsen #PerSkovhus #PeterSchleidt :-) :-) :-) Oplysning til aktionærer i jyske bank Banken bedrager bevidst forsat kunde på 10'ende år Er det sådan en virksomhed du vil støtte med aktie køb :-) DER ER NÆPPE TALE OM SANDHED OG TROVÆRDIGHED NÅR JYSKE BANK UDTALER SIG :-) :-) Jyske bank bedrager kunde bevidst, nu på 10'ende år. AKTIE EJERER I JYSKE BANK LÆS MERE OM HVAD I INVENSTERE JERES PENGE I HER www.tyv.dk Og hvad det er for en Bank i giver jeres støtte til, ved at eje aktier i jyske bank ATP CODAN REAL PENSAM og de mange aktie ejere i Jysk bank - Shareholders' representatives Jyske Bank Jesper Stærmose Andersen, Jette Fledelius Andersen, Tage Andersen, Peder Astrup, Jens A. Borup, Jørgen Boserup, Ole Bouet, Torben Lindblad Christensen, Poul Djernes, Anne Thiel Fuglsang, Jarl Gorridsen, Lene Haaning, Jan Højmark, Bente Jensby, Frede Jensen, Pernille Kræmmergaard Jensen, Susanne Lund Jensen, Søren Wibholm Just, Palle Buhl Jørgensen, Gunnar Lisby Kjær, Gert Kristensen, Heidi Langergaard Kroer, Betina Kühn, Anker Laden-Andersen, Ib René Laursen, Jan Fjeldgaard Lunde, Anker Nielsen, Jørgen Gade Nielsen, Erna Pilgaard, Mogens Poulsen, Jesper Rasmussen, Thorbjørn Risgaard, Lars Svenningsen, Georg Sørensen, Jan Thaarup, Jytte Thøgersen, Hans Christian Vestergaard, Tom Amby, Palle Møldrup Andersen, Poul Beck Konrad, Bo Bjerre Rasmussen, Jan Bjærre, Sven Buhrkall, Anni Bundgaard, Erik Bundgaard, Annie Mary Christensen, Christian Dybdal Christensen, Johan Sylvest Christensen, Birthe Marianne Christiansen, Lone Fergadis, Henning Fuglsang, Jens Jørgen Hansen, Lars Hauge, Stig Hellstern, Jens Gadensgaard Hermann, Kirsten Ishøj Christensen, Inger Marie Jappe, Ernst Kier, Steffen Falk Knudsen, Finn Vestergaard Langballe, Claus Larsen, Elsebeth Lynge, Preben Mehlsen, Axel Ørum Meier, Hans Henrik Møller Mortensen, Tonny Vinding Møller, Keld Norup, Preben Norup, Søren Nygaard, Herman M. Pedersen, Peder Pedersen, Peder Philipp, Susanne Dalsgaard Provstgaard, Lars Peter Rasmussen, Erling Sørensen, Bo Richard Ulsøe, Karsten Jens Andersen, Rina Asmussen, Annette Bache, Philip Baruch, Jens-Christian Bay, Jesper Lund Bredesen, Henrik Bræmer, Jørgen Bæk-Mikkelsen, Gert Dalskov, Kim Elfving, Bent Gail-Kashnyk, Mogens Grüner, Hans Bonde Hansen, Karin Søholt Hansen, Michael Heinrich Hansen, Eddie Holstebro, Steen Arne Jensen, Anne Mette Kaufmann, Jess Th. Larsen, Henrik Lassen Leth, Søren Lynggaard, Jørgen Hellesøe Mathiesen, Kristian May, Jens Kramer Mikkelsen, Thomas Møberg, Dorte Brix Nagell, Jesper Brøckner Nielsen, Asger Fredslund Pedersen, Kurt Bligaard Pedersen, Poul Poulsen, Tina Rasmussen, Jørgen Simonsen, Palle N. Svendsen, Anette Thomasen, Søren Tscherning, Jan Poul Crilles Tønnesen, Gerner Wolff-Sneedorff Læs www.banknyt.dk og lær mere om Anders Dams måde at drive bankforetning :-) Fundamentet i jyske bank oplyses at være sandhed hæderlighed troværdighed åbenhed At tage menneskelig hensyn http://dok.jyskebank.dk/Unit/jyskebank/jyskebankinfo/Ourfoundations/ :-) Sandheden er dog en ganske anden www.banknyt.dk www.tyv.dk www.forbryder.dk som er nogle af de steder der ligger sagsmateriale om svig og falsk sagen imod jyske bank :-) Eftersom bankens Leder Anders Christian Dam er direkte blevet oplyst 25 maj. 2016 at der intet lån på 4.328.000 kr. findes. Og mange gange er blevet oplyst at jyske bank udsætter kunde for bedrageri, ved at hæve renter for et lån der ikke findes. :-) :-) HVOR SVÆRT KAN DET VÆRE FOR JYSKE BANK AT INDRØMME SVIG OG FALSK OG SÅ SIGE UNDSKYLD :-) :-) Altså toppen i koncern ledelsen Banklederen Anders Dam er, som så mange andre i jyske bank

#ATP Pension
Jyske Bank bilen udlover i konkurrencen præmier for NU op til 45.000 – 54.000 dkk KLIK HER,

Du skal blot modbevise at Jyske Bank har lavet bedrageri og dokumentfalsk samt betalt Lundgrens bestikkelse, lyver og den slags, det er ret svært at modbevise, men nu sammen med CEO Anders Christian Dam, Per Skovhus
LINK, vi Hjælper med at find en Jyske bank rådgiver her, eller en Bankrøver i Jyske Bank
A single Dane, Carsten Storbjerg, has gone to war against corruption in Denmark. But Carsten asks for your help, as camaraderie in Denmark has so much power, that Danish law and order is put out of force, when not a single Danish journalist has written about the problem that Danish banks use corruption. Then I will ask you as foreign journalists, to conduct an investigation into corruption in Denmark, preformed by the Danish Bank Jyske Bank.

It is unhealthy for the Danish government that the state allows banks to commit crime, and covers it.

I kan også prøve at modbevise det jeg skriver om Jyske Bank og de mange medarbejdere der for Jyske Bank A/S har lavet eller medvirket bedrageri og dokumentfalsk mandatsvig, vanhjemmel, for Jyske Bank A/S, for at tjene flere penge til aktionærerne som ATP Pension.
Husk nu at deltage i konkurrencen der strartede 30 juni 2022. om de 45-54.000 DKK. her 13 Juli fortsætter konkurrencen der er helt gratis, i skal naturligvis bare modbevise at Jyske Bank er dybt kriminelle, med henvisning til det jeg skriver om den Jyske svindel Bank, Jyske Bank A/S og deres mange medhjælpere som.

Nicolai Hansen, Jeanett Kofoed-Hansen, Anette Kirkeby, Casper Dam Olsen, Lars Aaqvist (danske bank.). Birgitte Buch Thuesen, Philip Baruch, Morten Ulrik Gade, Kristian Ambjørn Buus Nielsen, Lund Elmer Sandager advokater, Anders Christian Dam, Lundgrens advokater, Dan Terkildsen, Emil Hald Vendelbo Winstrøm. (Rambøll.), Mette Marie Nielsen (danske bank.). Jyske Banks bestyrelse og direktion, Per Skovhus, Niels Erik Jacobsen, Peter Schleidt. det handler også om fundamentet i Jyske bank.
Hvis i eller andre kan MODBEVISE at Jyske Bank er kriminelle, og kan MODBEVISE at Jyske Bank lyver, så prøv at være med i konkurrencen om op til 54.000 dkk..
Klik ind på Banknyt.Dk

Lær jyskebank at kende
Hvem dækker over Jyske Banks fortatte svigforretninger.

Bribery at the top of the Danish business seems to have been politically approved.

Following Jyske Bank’s fraud case.
Lundgren’s lawyer partner company paid several million Danish kroner, moreover, the same Lundgren’s lawyers who would not bring a case against the Danish bank Jyske Bank for fraud.

Which Lundgren’s lawyer partner company regrettably forgot to submit to the court.

That it happened according to Jyske Bank’s management, certainly by CEO Anders Dam who is directly contributing to Jyske Bank’s continued crimes.

When Jyske Bank then chose to give the large law firm Lundgren’s lawyers a huge order.

It became very clear that the overall board of directors of Jyske Bank continues to expose the customer to very serious fraud transactions.

And that Jyske Bank’s board of directors is still behind millions of scams and now probably also corruption.

All to disappoint in legal matters, and to serve the shareholders in the Danish Bank’s financial interests.

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