MON IKKE DER ER NOGET OM SNAKKEN #JYSKEBANK ER DYBT #KRIMINELLE ADVARSEL MOD DEN DANSKE #SVINDLER JYSKE BANK, DER VELVIDNE #BEDRAGER KUNDE. :-) #warning against the big Danish #criminal #bank, #JyskeBank the bank who conscious #deceiving #customer Den Danske Bank #Danmarks nok mest uærligste bank jyske bank Som i denne sag hvor lille erhvervs kunde :-) DIRÆKTE FORTÆLLER OM Den #kriminelle bank #virksomhed #Jyskebank som åbenbart ikke kender til #hæderlighed, og #bedrager lille #virksomhed, dette på trods af at CEO bankdirektør #AndersDam og koncern ledelsen er oplyst, at den kriminelle jyske bank bevist bedrager kunden ved #Svig og #Falsk, Jyske bank har ikke nogle kommentar til bedrageriet, som jyske bank laver nu på 10’ende år :-) Men at den jyske bank og CEO DIRIKTØR Ander Dam er så ligeglade, og lader bedrageriet fortsætte, mens der kører biller rundt i København og Nordsjælland for at forsøge at råbe den danske bank jyske bank op. Er jyske bank kolde og ligeglade med. For det er jo en god foretning for jyske bank at lave svindel imod deres kunder :-) Se beviser mod svindelbanken jyske bank her Det enste virksomheden beder jyske bank om er dialog og at jyske bank kikker på bilagende Men uha det vil den statstøttet jyske bank ikke. // Ond tro #Jyskebank #Nykredit #hæderlig #ærlig #banker #lån #troværdighed #aktier #andersdam #lån #billiglån #billigbolig #bolig #lavrente #gratis #lundelmersandager #mug #jysk #lef #danskebanker #superlån #fundament #rete #rentebytte #GF #PFA #ATP #BRFKREDIT #JYSKEFINANS #Jysk #danskebank #lyver #utroværdig #svig #falsk #bedrag #bedrageri #svindel #mandatsvig #sager om jyskebank

#Press The customer asksing the press, to ask the #Danish #Bank, why they are doing fraud :-) :-) Never seen before That a customer pack cars into giant stickers brands, Call up the bank, just to stop the bank's fraud against customer. To get in touch with the CEO Anders Dam Anders Dam which allows the Chrime, together with management that the bank continue fraud :-) :-) For more than 2 years, at least since May 2016 Have the bank director Anders Christian Dam, the manager Jyske Bank And the board of the same Danish Bank known everything about the scam :-( Fraud against customer. The customer tries to stop the bank CEO Anders Christian Dam But fraud is a good bank business for the Danish bank, as refusing to stop fraud in the 10th year :-) :-) Thinking all employees of the Jyske bank are laughing at the customers Customers who the bank deliberately deceives The Danish Bank of Jutland JYSKE BANK Supported by the bank's employees, Employees who agree with the manager, and group management in the fight against t

Ond tro jyske bank

The case against the Danish bank Jyske Bank for gross fraud. Has evolved to act on bribery too, as has plaintiff’s lawyer Lundgrens. Which is a large Danish lawyer’s house, have received return commission, in the form of million assignments by the defendant Jyske Bank. So it looks bad for the confidence of the big Danish lawyer’s houses as Lundgrens. / The question is now. Has Lundgren’s lawyer partner company, in which the applicant’s lawyer Dan Terkildsen is a partner, received a return commission lion from Jyske Bank. Have Lundgren’s lawyers been given assignments by the defendant Jyske Bank. Against it as the Lundgren’s lawyers, was hired to present to the court. / Lundgrens who is also the plaintiff’s lawyer, so does not submit the plaintiff’s fraud allegations against Jyske Bank. Jyske Bank who has now also hired the same lawyer to advise, Denmark’s second largest bank Jyske bank, in a property sale for over half a billion Danish kroner. / That is a fact That after Lundgren’s lawyers were employed by Jyske Bank. Have Lundgren’s lawyers objected to the plaintiff’s claims Jyske Bank for millions fraud, as a direct link between Jyske Bank paying Lundgren’s lawyers millions in fees, for advice. / The case against the Danish fraud bank Jyske Bank is only growing. The plaintiff has yesterday, October 28, 2019. Even had to submit their fraud allegations against Jyske bank. / The plaintiff is now considering whether Lundgrens must testify. To confirm that their client has requested Lundgren’s lawyers at least 30 times. About presenting the serious allegations against Jyske Bank for million fraud. And allegations against Jyske Bank Group Management With the bank’s executive chairman CEO Anders Christian Dam / Then Lundgren’s lawyers in court may have the opportunity to explain why Lundgrens has not presented the client’s allegations against Jyske bank for fraudulent conduct. And why Lundgrens directly opposed the client’s instructions has counteracted the client. / When the applicant’s claims are not presented against Jyske bank. This can only be because Lundgren’s lawyers have made an agreement with the defendant Jyske Bank, to counteract the case before the court. / / A CASE WHERE THE LITTLE WOULDN’T LIKE TO BE FIGHT AGAINST A CRIMINAL BANK BUT ALSO AGAINST PROVIDING CORRUPT LAWYERS / The client thinks back to Dan Terkildsen from Lundgren’s office August 13th. 2019 at Lundgren’s office together with 2 of their students. The one student who otherwise “around” March 23, 2019 and there verbally confirms, which 9 witnesses the client will have called. When Lundgren’s lawyers saw the purchase of August 18, 2019, confirmed that they had control over which witnesses to call. But very smart, without disclosing their names. Witnesses who are repetitively informed and repeatedly written should be summoned since spring 2018. Then stick to the very clear instructions of the client. Just 4 weeks before the main hearing was due September 30, 2019 Again, the client opposes and September 2 has chosen to exclude the 7 of the witnesses as Lundgrens submits a petition. Incidentally a litigation Lundgrens does not share with the client. Lundgrens also did not share the defendant Jyske Bank’s litigation B and C B. which is otherwise from March 20. / No matter what It is a FACT 1. Lundgren’s lawyers were brought, fraud case against Jyske bank on February 5, 2018. 2. Shortly after, between March and June 2018, Lungren’s law partner company made an agreement and a million tasks to advise Jyske Bank 3. Following the conclusion of the agreement with Jyske Bank, Lundgren’s lawyers have not submitted any of the applicant’s claims against Jyske Bank for fraud. 4. Lundgren’s lawyers have not disclosed to their client, in the case against Jyske Bank, that Lundgren’s lawyers have taken on million tasks for Jyske Bank 5. Lundgren’s lawyers do not answer the client’s question on September 19, 2019, whether Lundgren’s lawyers have worked for Jyske Bank. 6. Lundgren’s client, the plaintiff discovers September 20, 2019 The fact that Lundgren’s lawyers have performed counseling for Jyske bank, around a trade of around 600 million. Danish kroner. 7. Since Lundgren’s attorneys still have not answered their question on September 24, the question Has Lundgrens worked for Jyske Bank. And if YES How long have Lundgren’s lawyers worked for Jyske Bank 8. September 25, 2019 Lundgrens Client sends a guy’s note And justify the decision that Lundgren’s lawyers are incompetent. And that Lundgren’s lawyers have done massively over billing. Which the client suspects was part of the strategy to run the plaintiff’s money box empty, and then could not stop Denmark’s second largest bank from continuing the bank’s fraud business against the customer. / / Partner of Lundgren’s lawyers Dan Terkildsen believes that the client is wrong And writing like that You cannot find a lawyer who does not work for Jyske Bank / Dan Terkildsen writes that there are conspiracy theories. Considering that Lundgrens’ collaboration with Jyske Bank affects the way Lundgren’s lawyers have worked for the Client against Jyske Bank. While the client thinks that Lundgren’s lawyers must surely be called as witnesses. / Has the client / plaintiff themselves had to present their claims against Jyske Bank on 28 October 2019? Partly to lie to the court, through their board member Philip Baruch, who is a Partner of Lund Elmer Sandager Attorneys. And, moreover, charges against Jyske Bank’s director and management for contributing since May 2016 / The fact that Jyske Bank has not stopped and investigated whether Jyske bank is actually outspoken exposes the customer to gross SWIG. And accusing the management of having a direct contributory cause for Jyske Bank to continue to be charged with continued fraud. – The customer of Jyske Bank has since May 2016 called on Jyske Bank’s management at CEO Anders Dam. To meet To date, no one in the Jyske Bank Group or Lund Elme Sandager Has expressed the wish that Jyske Bank would like to be a fair banking company and meet with us The customer says that if We are wrong We are the first to say sorry. / / Dan Terkildsen Lundgrens said for 1 year since That Jyske Bank would complain hahaha. That can not be used for anything. But will Jyske Bank’s group management still complain. So Jyske Bank stop i exposein its customers, to continued fraud SO LET IT BE / / dear everyone at Jyske Bank You have been exposed to the case BS 402/2015-VIB Due to approx. 145 documents saw Lundgren’s lawyers being threatened with firing if they did not submit them. That Lundgren’s attorneys forgot to present the client’s claims and did not make an attachment explanation. / We apologize for that, and with the final written petition presented on October 28, 2019, have hopefully explained what annex is for Of course, a new allegation must also be made, which one would think Jyske Bank’s Director has paid Lundgren’s lawyers for not presenting. But we cannot prove that. Being exposed to fraud by one’s own bank is not something fun. Besides, the management is indifferent and probably still sleeps well at night. / CEO Anders Christian Dam if you have not paid Lundgren’s attorneys for failing to present our claims to the court. Then we say sorry. However, Jyske Bank’s Attorneys and the Executive Board will also apologize If we customers are just right. / Our allegations are now proceeding October 28, 2019 presented by ourselves Since our then lawyers Thomas Schioldan Sørensen of Redstone Attorneys and Dan Terkildsen from Lundgren’s law firm Mystically, not having would help us. Or maybe our poor Danish is so poor that they couldn’t understand what we were writing. Just kidding 🙂 But remember The reason we repeat the same thing over and over again. It is only for contact. We have contact difficulties. But also a fun way to tell the board of Jyske Bank / Talk to us, we’re actually pretty good here. And then we just try with humor You can find us here Soevej 5. 3100. Hornbaek 22227713 Best regards from a tiny, angry customer.

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