Who are the real criminals in Denmark who must feel they are above the law, the law that obviously does not apply to the largest banks and law firms.

Who are the real criminals in Denmark who must feel they are above the law, the law that obviously does not apply to the largest banks and law firms.

Are Lundgren’s lawyers corrupt, and is the Danske Bank Jyske bank fraudulent.


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Where have Lundgren’s lawyers failed, in addition to probably having taken bribes from the Danish Bank Jyske Bank A/S



When a client asks their lawyers from lundgrens, directly to submit their claims against Denmark’s second largest bank Jyske Bank A/S


With charges that the group is exposing the client to fraud.


Then their lawyers in Lundgren not respond and not present their client’s claims, it is the idea of ​​having a lawyer.


Just as the Client clearly has asked Lundgren’s attorneys to present their charges against Jyske Bank’s group management, and that contributing to Jyske Bank’s continued fraud against the client has not been stopped.


Most recently back in May 2016, when the client continuously, and has since contacted the management of Jyske Bank, by CEO Anders Dam about the bank’s possible fraud against their client.

The board has been able to investigate, whether Jyske Bank violated the Danish laws, and has thus being able to stop any crime itself.



This must be a consensus board of Jyske Bank, very much agreed not to, and the management must have decided, the best thing for the group must be to continue to expose their customer to fraud.

Especially since the group knew that the Danish police probably did not have to, or would to interfere with Jyske Bank many violations of the Criminal Code.


We are talking about issues such as Mandate fraud, Document fraud, and gross exploitation and just Fraud.

When Lundgrens, by Partner Dan terkildsen, since February 2018, has known about their client’s charges against Jyske Bank, and first on October 13, 2019 at Lundgren’s office, say that the board has no responsibility, since Jyske Bank has money to pay if they lose the case.

It smells.

Here Jyske Bank’s Board of Directors is new and old.

Bente Overgaard 2020 nyt medlem
Anker Laden-Andersen 2019
Per Schnack 2019
Sven Buhrkall 2019
Kurt Bligaard Pedersen 2019
Rina Asmussen 2019
Philip Baruch 2019
Jens A Borup 2019
Keld Norup 2019
Christina Lykke Munk 2019
Haggai Kunisch 2018 ud
Johnny Christensen 2019
Marianne Lillevang 2019
Anders Dam 2019
Leif F Larsen 2018 ud
Niels Erik Jakobsen 2019
Per Skovhus 2019
Peter Schleidt 2019

Bente Overgaard 2020 nyt medlem tidligere Koncernchef i Nykredit



But what if the client’s charges against Jyske Bank A/S and their board of directors are true.

And Lund Elmer Sandager attorneys to the Danish courts have lied in legal matters, presented manipulated or false documents, to disappoint in legal matters.




It’s about Jyske Bank, after all, a possible criminal bank

Who benefits from covering Jyske Bank.



What do the shareholders of Jyske Bank say that the bank exposes customers to fraud.

ATP, which is a major shareholder in Jyske Bank A/S, will not interfere.



Nykredit is a major shareholder in Jyske Bank

In part, they did not want to tell their customer if a loan of Dkk 4,328,000 was raised in Nykredit, as Jyske Bank has claimed.




First, when the client suits Nykredit accept Nykredit’s lawyer Mette Egholm Nielsen who has clearly stated. Nykredit will not provide evidence against Jyske Bank


Mette Egholm Nielsen has also tried to help Jyske Bank reformulate, to make it appear that Jyske Bank has made the loan clear in Nykredit! and it looks like we wanted to harp it.



Now Mette Egholm Nielsen is playing a bit stupid, she is a lawyer and should know, either you have taken out a loan or you have not,

You can find nothing like maybe.



And how do you get a loan, you sell the underlying bonds for a given loan, and pay the proceeds, the loan here was offered for a bond, and whether they were sold or not.

But 1 week after that meeting in Nykredit, attorney Mette Egholm Nielsen admits, after a couple of additional emails, that there is no loan of DKK 4,328,000. in Nykredit see mail 18-10-2016.

Then we know it, but why would the board not tell it on 19-05-2016, so Nykredit would cover it by not responding.



The customer who used earlier

Law firm Rödstenen. Dalgas Ave 42, 8000 Aarhus +4586121999

Where former lawyer Thomas Schioldan Sørensen in Rødstenen lawyers should present several fraud allegations against Jyske Bank A/S this Thomas Schioldan Sørensen is instead trying to bring the case forward to present the Client’s fraud and false allegations against Jyske Bank A/S


Thomas Schioldan Sørensen claims this is telephonically agreed, but Thomas Scholaden Sørensen is unfortunately lying to their client, the recording of the conversation can prove that Rødstenen’s lawyers are lying.


We do not know if Jyske Bank has also bribed Rødstenen lawyers with some chocolate from Jyske Bank as a thank you for the trial.


The client now has to find a new lawyer to be brought into the case and is recommended to Lundgren’s lawyers, which should be the worst lawyer the client could choose.

Lundgrens turned out to help Jyske Bank, and has withheld, all the client’s claims in the case.


Former client / Client here asks Lundgren’s lawyer partner company.


The client who first believed Lundgrens by partner Dan Terkildsen to be honest and trustworthy attorneys has had to believe again, and here after 20 months, a strong warning against relying on Lundgren’s lawyers ends up in the likelihood of being corrupt.



But who in Lundgren’s lawyers is behind, Jyske Bank’s cooperation with Lundgrens at least Niels Gram-Hanssen, Dan terkildsen has said on August 13, 2019 that he does not know whether some lawyers in Lundgren work for Jyske Bank.



So it points from Niels Gram-Hanssen to the management in Lundgren, who must have instructed Dan Terkildsen not to present their client’s claims against Jyske bank A/S


Unless it’s just Dan Terkildsen himself

Who with at least Pernille Hellesøe. Team Assistant.

Mette-Marie Nielsen. Clerk / Student

Emil Hald Winstrøm. Clerk / Student

Sebastian Lysholm Nielsen. Attorney Director

At Lundgren’s who agreed not to disclose their client’s claims.



This seems organized, which Dan Terkildsen thinks are just some conspiracy theories



But why

Lundgrens Advokat partner company. Tuborg Boulevard 12. DK-2900 Hellerup +4535252535

have not presented your client’s claims, you can ask for.



Lundgren’s attorneys must be visually impaired and more word blind than their client.


Or even if Jyske Bank A/S paid Lundgrens many millions dkk, hidden as return commission.

To help cover Jyske Bank’s A/S fraud and false, against the bank’s customer, and disappoint in residual conditions.

If Lundgren’s lawyers from the Jyske Bank Group have been bribed in the form of a return commission, Lundgren’s lawyer partner company probably does not think so himself.


However, they should feel free to post their answer on facebook, or reply to +4522227713


But the question is whether it is not the top Lundgrens who have been bought by the Jyske Bank group to work for Jyske Bank, to ensure that none of their attorneys had to present their client’s claims in court.


We therefore ask the top of Lundgren’s leadership.

Manager. Martin Kirkegaard.

Chairman of the Board. Michael Alstrøm.

Board member. Thomas Kremer.

Board member. Nina Ringen.

Board member. Tobias Vieth.

Board member. Niels Wive Kjærgaard.


On the other hand, Jyske Bank, against Lundgren’s lawyers, should ensure that their client’s fraud allegations against Jyske Bank, and the client’s evidence, never before Lundgrens had to be presented in the Danish courts, have been given a million assignment by Jyske Bank’s management.



As the client’s many fraud allegations were not presented to the court, during the 20 months Lundgren’s lawyer partner company was employed, only to present their client’s claims against Jyske Bank A/S


It is possible that the client cannot spell, but he is good at finding mistakes as he goes along sympathetically, which is why he also believes that there is enough evidence that Jyske Bank has actually paid Lundgren for not submitting their claims against Jyske Bank, but Lundgrens has another explanation so we have it included.


We talk that here a client in Lundgrens for 20 months, repeatedly asked Lundgrens to help them against the heavy opponent Jyske Bank.


The client has explained that through their lawyers like Philip Baruch Lund Elmer Sandager has presented falsehoods to the court, to cover Jyske Banks fraud


And also believes that Kristian Ambjørn Buus-Nielsen has been an active participant in covering Jyske Bank’s fraud and helping to withhold information from the court to disappoint in retaliation.



But why did Lundgrens not present any of the client’s allegations against Jyske bank and their board of directors, it might be difficult to know, if not because of bribery.


Lundgrens has never wanted to submit Client’s fraud claims against Jyske Bank A/S


What does the Board of Lundgrens say

Martin Kirkegaard, Michael Alstrøm, Thomas Kræmer, Nian Ringen, Thomas Vieth and Niels Wive Kjærgaard


Does the Board of Directors support

Or make at least these 5 employees in Lundgrens

Dan Terkildsen. Advokat og Partner

Pernille Hellesøe. Team Assistent.

Mette-Marie Nielsen. Fuldmægtig / Elev

Emil Hald Winstrøm. Fuldmægtig / Elev

Sebastian Lysholm Nielsen. Advokat Director

That the allegations against Jyske Bank A/S were never presented in court by Lundgren


The case against Jyske Bank is 1 man against a huge and powerful organization.



A case such as CEO Anders Dam since May 19, 2016.

could have resolved

By a single call to the customer on +4522227713.

And say dear Carsten you have been wrong and explain it to us.



Or having said that there was a mistake and apologizing, since no apology has been made, there have been no errors either.