05-01-2023. kl. 15.23. I must strongly request Jyske Bank to answer this. What does Jyske Bank want? 1. Jyske Bank wants a solution that stops my writings. Yes or no Or 2. Jyske Bank wants me to continue writing as I do, and continue on my book. Yes or no

5. jan. 2023 15.23. Will be updated, is now publicly available as of 12 January 2023

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Jyske Bank A/S
Vestergade 8-16
8600 Silkeborg


Att the board, management and legal department, as well as representatives and board members.

Copy to the authorities who are part of my story and who are also requested to review the truth value of my evidence, for my claims.

Dear Jyske Bank

I still think we need to find a solution, and if Jyske Bank does not want to contribute to finding such a solution.


I request that the board ensure that everyone mentioned gets a copy.



As you know, I would like to stop my advertising, Jyske Bank only needs to wish it, and then talk to me about it.

Then we will probably also solve this for Jyske Bank’s little problem

If Jyske Bank, as written on 1 February 2019, believes that these advertising cars are illegal advertising.

What will you do about it? you have said something to me, it is perhaps Jyske Bank that has discovered that everyone is welcome to write the truth.


image.png 3fd1ca6e-9eab-461d-8567-6ce3ee522594.png image.png


Jyske Bank, you know the car, which has been standing outside your door for a total of almost 4 months, so what will it become, is it legal to write what I am doing, or is it not, I would also like to be available for a review of the advertisements, are they true or are they false.



As you have been informed, the company that has a case in progress has no influence on what I write, you are only requested to confirm what I have written.

And if there are some who think otherwise, or who might want to claim that I’m lying, so be it

If there are any of you who are against Jyske Bank committing fraud, come forward.

And if no one comes forward and points out that Jyske Bank has broken many laws and regulations, everyone must be complicit, as these cover up Jyske Bank’s illegal actions.
Whoever covers up a crime is, in my story, also a contributor to the crimes they cover up.

It is therefore important that you, as the recipient of this email, take care that all names mentioned are given a copy of this email and the attached document, as well as the attachments and documents that have been shared or linked to.

I request that you all read everything I have written and by that I mean EVERYTHING.
And all of you who are mentioned by name or authority have an equal opportunity to respond, and you can all have a meeting.

It is important that you know what I write about in my book, so that you do not want to come and claim that you have not been offered an interview.
All conversations are recorded.

If there are some of you mentioned who want a solution, so I stop writing, then I am not prepared for us to meet in one of your stores.

Or if there are some of the people mentioned by you, and or authorities who no longer want to help cover up Jyske Bank, then I request those of you who do not support Jyske Bank in committing fraud to come forward.

And remember that I have said that I consider the group management and management at Ander Christian Dam to be the biggest reason for this conflict.


You are welcome to just write that Jyske Bank does not care what I write and who I write about, because as you know, I cannot touch Jyske Bank, since the Danish government and parliament are covering up Jyske Bank’s crimes.

You have been invited many times to, together with me, review my evidence for the crime I write and say Jyske Bank knows many actors are behind.


Your silence is not something that neither affects me nor makes me tired.

I am not something that goes away by itself, and if Jyske Bank wants me to stop writing as I do, then you must find a solution.


Which we could hold a meeting about, I suggest Jyske Bank provides premises for.

You are forced to answer if you want me to stop attacking Jyske Bank as I do, my story that deals with others than just Jyske Bank, which you have involved in your actions, I don’t think you can be aware of that, and that’s why I thought we should get together and solve the problem, because this is a problem.


I have suggested it before, let whoever started these writings for Jyske Bank also stop my writings.

As I have suggested since 2016. Let Nicolai Hansen meet, and give him a mandate to be able to make an agreement that will make me stop writing.


I suggest we meet at Vesterbrogade 9. and you should not involve the law firm that has presented false information to the court in order to disappoint in legal matters.

But we’re having a really funny time, aren’t we, I just thought that this shouldn’t take place.
I must strongly request Jyske Bank to answer this.


What does Jyske Bank want?

Jyske Bank wants a solution that stops my writings.

Yes or no




Jyske Bank wants me to continue writing as I do, and continue on my book.

Yes or no



If Jyske Bank can disprove what I write, i.e. claim that I am lying, then I invite the group management to meet and review my evidence for my claims.

I make it clear that if Jyske Bank can demonstrate that I have made a mistake and my evidence is false, I will correct it.


And then I say clearly and clearly, this is not about an opinion, it is only about whether what I write is true or false.

If it is false, the penalty is 2 years. which I have also said on several shared videos from earlier years.

This is about the Jyske Bank group and me personally, is it something you want to deal with.

I do not want to have to sue Jyske Bank in order to get my fraudulent mortgage deed of DKK 3,000,000 back, the mortgage deed which Jyske Bank directly canceled against instructions and without authorization.

I do not think this is worthy of Jyske Bank’s shareholders that the management does not ensure that we resolve our conflict before this grows.


This is purely private
If Jyske Bank does not want to meet with me, Carsten Storbjerg Skaarup and Jyske Bank CEO Ander Christian Dam, and stop this.

Will you then answer me.




The competition, which has been running for about half a year, stops on Sunday, no one has been able to disprove a single one of my claims, it was also more fun than easy to win.



Carsten Storbjerg  Skaarup 

Soevej 5.

3100 Hornbaek




15 maj 2022. Her er beviser for at Jyske Bank lyver, med bilag, er ikke færdig.

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