When Jyske Bank A/S chose to bribe Lundgren’s lawyers, not to present the customer’s fraud and false case against the Jyske Bank group.

When Jyske Bank A/S chose to bribe Lundgren’s lawyers, not to present the customer’s fraud and false case against the Jyske Bank group.

And senior employees of Kromann Reumert, the Court, Horten lawyers, who together in association, chose to cover up this corruption / bribery of Lundgren’s lawyers, and in general that the many chose to cover up Jyske Bank’s many punishable crimes.

It clearly shows that a network of criminals and or corrupt people who, through nepotism, work in unison to undermines Legal certainty, and to secure their power their power in society.

All in order to undermine the legal certainty of the individual citizen in Denmark, who may be exposed to fraud by some of the actors from Kromann Reumert, Horten, Danish Business “Dansk Erhverv”, and by the Danish bank Jyske Bank and members of the court’s agency.

In my story its about corruption and nepotism in Denmark.

Jyske Bank and the Danish Parlament prime Minister Mette Frederiksen have a good cooperation, and the Danish state has major economic interests in Jyske Bank, which is the reason why the government and authorities together cover up Jyske Bank’s obvious criminality, after which it has become political, and then the law is meaningless.

Jyske Bank’s management has been offered many times, that the bank can enter into an agreement, that I will remove this video and other postings about Jyske Bank’s criminal foundations, but CEO Anders Dam and the management by

Anders Christian Dam, Niels Erik Jakobsen, Per Skovhus, Peter Schleidt, Benny Laibach Pedersen, Birger Krøgh Nielsen, Bo Ancher Christensen, Carsten Tirsbæk Madsen, Erik Gadeberg, Erik Qvirin Hansen, Hanne Birgitte Møller, Jes Rosendal,Klaus Naur, Knud Nørbo, Lars Stensgaard Mørch, Lars Waalen Sandberg, Martin Skovsted-Nielsen, Peer Roer Pedersen, Rune Møller, Søren Skyum Elbert, Jens Rahbek, Me SophieChristensen, Christian Wordenskjold B. Andreasen, Dorthe Kirkeby, Torbjörn Egerdal will not respond at all.

Therefore, it is my opinion that Jyske Bank, that is, that the management of the bank loves the Jyske Bank car, “Jyske Bank bilen” and the many advertisements for Jyske Bank use, among other things, bribery, fraud, forgery, mandate fraud, exploitation, power of attorney, abuse and much more.

The many continued postings and tags by members of the criminal bank, who were helped by employees in Kromann Reumert, Horten Danish business “Dansk Erhverv”, must therefore be assumed to be complicit, in the extensive and cunning fraud that the Jyske Banks group is behind.

If Jyske Bank has not committed fraud or forged documents, Jyske Bank has been repeatedly called upon to seek help from the Danish police.

With reference to § 267 and § 268 of the Criminal Code.

The police, who for political reasons are not allowed to investigate the economic crime, that Jyske Bank is demonstrably behind, the police have therefore refused to speak to the victim of Jyske Banks fraud, and the have simply writing that Jyske Bank will not be punished.

But maybe Jyske Bank itself wants an investigation, Jyske Bank has not been acquitted of the use of bribery and bribery of Lundgren’s lawyers, since the police are not allowed to investigate the bank’s criminal activities.

This is a political decision, which I have been informed about outside of the police report

I keep asking the group members,
especially Anders Dam and Lars Stensgaard Mørch, if they want to confirm or deny, and cancel my advertisements that have been exposed in the public space since February 2016.

My offer to Jyske Bank’s senior members to remove all posts and remove all images and videos is still an offer.

And if Jyske Bank, for example, Anders Dam, Martin Skovhus-Nielsen, Steen Jul Petersen, Tine Lundøe Poulsen, Lars Stensgaard Mørch know that I start deleting videos and posts, one of these for Jyske Bank, just call me on +4522227713, and ask me for a meeting so we can arrange it.

That Jyske Bank simply does not want to talk to customers whom the bank has exposed to fraud, it is not honest banking, and a clear contradiction to what Jyske Bank itself writes in their articles of association.

Jyske bank’s articles of association:

§ 1
PCS. 5:
The bank is run in accordance with fair business practice, good banking practice and the bank’s values ​​and attitudes.

Note the text at the end of point 5.
and the bank’s values ​​and attitudes.

Do I have any questions ?

call me at +4522227713

When I write the way I do, it is strange that all the authorities, and the corrupt and criminal actors involved do not dare to answer, or demand something corrected, it can only mean that what I have written is true.

The actors, such as employees of Kromann Reumert, the Danish courts, those who have deliberately and dishonestly covered up corruption and fraud, have investigated what I have written, and have not asked questions but have simply chosen to bury their heads in the ground and otherwise keep their mouths shut, because silence is gold, for this assembly.


Who covers up that Jyske Bank bribed Lundgrens lawyers not to present the client’s fraud case against Jyske Bank.

Have I made a mistake?
Call me and tell me, so I can correct.

Who covers up that Jyske Bank bribed Lundgrens not to present the client’s fraud case against Jyske Bank.


Jyske Bank lying,
Jyske Bank committing fraud,
Jyske Bank Does mandate fraud,
Jyske Bank abuses the law,
Jyske Bank uses bribery,
Jyske Bank uses return commission,
Jyske Bank Violates the land registration act,
Jyske Bank behind exploitation,
Jyske Bank makes power of attorney abuse,
Jyske Bank abuses the bank’s access to the land registration right,
Jyske Bank making document fake,

Neither Jyske Bank, nor Anders Christian Dam, Niels Erik Jakobsen, Per Skovhus, Peter Schleidt, Lars Stensgaard Mørch, Lars Waalen Sandberg, Knud Nørbo, Dorthe Kirkeby or Jyske Bank’s Legal Director Martin Skovsted-Nielsen.

As well as their other lawyers such as Lund Elmer Sandager, Kromann Reumert lawyers, Horten lawyers, Lundgren’s lawyers, and the corrupt in the Danish courts and authorities, such as the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, and members of the Danish government who have all been instrumental in covering up Jyske Bank’s crimes, and thus have worked to undermine the legal security of the entire Danish population, who are left without rights, when large Danish companies such as Jyske Bank by Nicolai Hansen and Jeanett Kofoed-Hansen deliberately and dishonestly start a huge fraud against customers of Jyske Bank.

Everything I write is true, and since Jyske Bank can be deprived of the right to conduct banking business in Denmark, due to organized crime, where several employees together in an association have grossly, and cunningly exposed customers to systematic fraud, no Danish journalist wants or dares up to date to write about the crime, that the Jyske Bank group is demonstrably behind.

For several years, Jyske Bank has been encouraged to contact the police if Jyske Bank does not commit forgery and fraud, and uses bribes, but neither the management at CEO Anders Dam, nor the future director Lars Stensgaard Mørch dare to do that.

Nor does Jyske Bank’s Legal Director Martin Skovsted-Nielsen dare to say anything, to all these posts about the crime that the Jyske Bank group is behind, and which the Danish State bye the Government and the Parliament through the Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen is part the covering up.

My call to the Danish Government Mette Frederiksen and the Ministry of Justice by Peter Hummelgaard is clear, you must stop to ignore me, and stop covering up the Danish criminal organizations, such as Jyske Bank.

Call me and ask if there is anything, in the emails you have received, that you want to discuss, more if I have misunderstood something, perhaps the fact that the Danish laws do not apply to large organizations such as the Danish Bank, Jyske Bank, Lego, Maersk and that size of companies.

Who will stop the criminal Danish banks as Jyske Bank, when the Danish government and the Parliament, oppose that criminal Danish organizations may not be exposed to investigation and prosecution, when they deliberately expose their customers to systematic crime.

I am just asking. ?.

Would you please answer me, as I don’t think the Danish and the authorities should cover up criminal Danish organizations like here where you all cover up Jyske Bank and the bank’s criminal actions

For everyone’s information, i have repeatedly written to Jyske Bank’s management and lawyers, such as Morten Ulrik Gade, Martin Skovsted-Nielsen and Kristian Ambjørn Buus-Nielsen, that I would like to remove posts like this.

Jyske Bank just needs to talk to me and request it.

But even after I have repeatedly asked Jyske Bank’s group management, and the bank’s Legal Department if they would like me to delete all postings about Jyske Bank and the bank’s crime.

No one in the Jyske Bank group has expressed a desire for me to remove some information about Jyske Bank, nor videos and pictures, Jyske Bank has not given expressed that the bank’s management would like to see some of my many advertising videos and pictures about Jyske Bank removed.

As long as Jyske Bank does not want to talk to me, and that Jyske Bank does not want to ask nicely, if I do not want to delete some of these many posts.

I will continue to post pictures and videos of the Foundation in Jyske Bank, so that Jyske Bank and Jyske Bank, the legal department must know, that without dialogue, these postings will go on and on.

This is about Jyske Bank, and those who, as Lundgren’s lawyers, have chosen to accept bribes to cover up Jyske Bank.

Jyske Bank you can stop this here if you want, you just have to meet me and ask me to stop, that’s all that is needed, so if Jyske Bank wants me to stop, please post messages as well as videos, pictures and other so call me and ask me to come in for a meeting so that we can resolve our little conflict together.

It is simply a question of whether Jyske bank runs an honest business, or whether Jyske Bank is a criminal organization supported by the Danish Government.

With best regards

Carsten Storbjerg Skaarup

Soevej 5
3100 Hornbaek

phone +4522227713


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