28-05-2023. If Jyske Bank A/S by CEO Anders Dam wants to stop my postings and writings, THEN JYSKE BANK, MUST EXPRESS THAT THEY ARE SORRY WITH MY ADVERTISING. / I am simultaneously asking the Danish state and the government by yhe Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen together with the Jyske Bank group. to answer. ? And now i ask how much money does the Danish state make by covering up the crime in Denmark, which the Prime Minister has also become aware of, and is informed, that the second largest Danske Bank, Jyske Bank A/S with CEO Anders Christian Dam is being behind. ? IF YOU WANT ME TO STOP WRITING about this SCANDAL that the Danish Nationalbank’s employees themselves talk about. Try talking with me, instead of Jyske Bank and the government sticking their heads in the bush to hide, since this is an unpleasant and dark chapter on corruption in Denmark. if I’ve made a mistake, call and say so and I correct it immediately.

When you as a customer or business partner or as an employee of the Jyske Bank Group see this posting.

Then send a copy to Jyske Bank’s lawyers and management, and ask them what Jyske Bank A/S intends to do with the customers who, like me, have found strong evidence that the Jyske Bank group is behind extensive crime.

martin.nielsen@jyskebank.dk, mug@jyskebank.dk, juridisk@jyskebank.dk, direktion@jyskebank.dk, lm@jyskebank.dk,


And plice send the email to the Danish state and government att.

jm@jm.dk, stm@stm.dk, fm@fm.dk, kommunikation@nationalbanken.dk, finanstilsynet@ftnet.dk, REU@ft.dk,
And ask questions about how thay can continue to refrain from answering any of the many emails.

And ask them if my posts are true information, please share with me at banknyt@gmail.com



28 May 2023.

Notice to the Jyske Bank group and their friends.

Since 2016. I have written about Jyske Bank’s many different aspects of crime, which several of the bank’s employees, such as Nicolai Hansen and Janett Kofoed-Hansen in the Jyske Bank Helsingøoer branch, have demonstrably and completely deliberately worked together in association, perpetrated, as organized fraud against me and my company.

Jyske Bank does not dare to comment on the bank’s fraud, probably because it is too easy for Jyske bank’s employees, to launder the money the bank earns from crime.


I have also written since 2019. that the,

Jyske Bank group
Vestergade 8-16.
8600 Silkeborg.

Has bribed.
Lundgrens lawyers
Tuborg Boulevard 12.
2900. Hellerup.

Not to present their client’s fraud charges, such as fraud and false against Jyske Bank A/S.

Neither Jyske Bank A/S nor Lundgren’s lawyers have dared to respond to any inquiries.

Neither will deal with the problem for Jyske Bank that a former customer has found strong evidence that the Jyske Bank group commits document forgery, fraud and uses bribes to keep the bank’s crime out of court.


Carsten Storbjerg Skaarup from Hornbaek, has repeatedly caught not only that Jyske Bank’s employees and lawyers in lying, but also in violating many laws and regulations in connection with the organized crime that the Jyske Bank group is demonstrably behind.

It is of course a big problem for the Group Management Group and the Legal Department that Jyske Bank’s managers such as.

Anders Christian Dam, Niels Erik Jakobsen, Per Skovhus and Peter Schleidt, Martin Skovsted-Nielsen, Lars Stensgaard Mørch, nothing can be done to stop posts like this, after which it cannot be stopped without dialogue and conversation.

Jyske Bank’s board and management are clearly all indifferent to what I write, as the Danish authorities also know employees of the courts, the government and Danish Business are covering up the criminal that the Jyske Bank group is proven to be behind, as Jyske Bank is aware that they who Jyske Bank defrauds, is or will be deprived of their legal security, and this with the help of members in the club lawyer advised.

So when I Carsten Storbjerg Skaarup, write that the Jyske Bank group has paid and thus bribed Lundgren’s lawyers kickbacks in order not to present Carsten’s company’s fraudulent relationship against the Jyske Bank group to the court, Jyske Bank, together with Lundgren’s lawyers, has done an undermining activity, in order to counteract the public’s legal certainty, to which both judges and government members have helped.


Lundgren’s lawyers are probably afraid of being known as the corrupt lawyers, that Lundgren has proven to be.

So when I write that the Jyske Bank group are highly criminal, and use forgery and bribery to cover up fraud, is it not news, that the Jyske Bank group commits fraud.


I have repeatedly offered Jyske Bank’s management, and Anders Christian Dam together with the Legal Department, Morten Ulrik Gade, Legal Director Martin Skovsted-Nielsen and Lund Elmer Sandager lawyers at Kristian Ambjørn Buus-Nielsen to stop these postings, and advertisements for the organized crime and corruption in Denmark, of which also employees of the Danish “Cort” Judiciary Agency such as Supreme Court Judge Kurt Rasmussen, District Court Judge Soeren Ejdum are a part of, in order to cover up the corrupt Lundgren’s lawyers and the criminal Danish bank Jyske Bank.

If the Legal Department at Morten Ulrik Gade, Legal Director Martin Skovsted-Nielsen, Management at Anders Christian Dam, Niels Erik Jakobsen, Per Skovhus and Peter Schleidt, and those who are involved in Jyske Bank’s fraud, such as at Lundgrens lawyers, and Lund Elmer Sandager lawyers, if you want me to stop my postings and advertisements for the Jyske Bank group, then you must try to talk to me.

I do not want to expose either Lundgrens, Jyske Bank or Lund Elmer Sandager to slander, as this could lead to up to 2 years in prison.

If what I write is not true.


Jyske Bank you must know that conversation promotes understanding.

So call me on +4522227713

CEO Anders Dam if you think I have made a mistake, in any of what I have written.


Then I hope you understand, that I only want us to talk, if some of you are mentioned in my story about corruption in Denmark, and you want me to stop my many inquiries and posts like this.

And if som of you, as CEO Anders Christian Dam think I have violated some laws and regulations, when I write as I have done since 2016.

So talk to me, or contact the police and report me for libel, if you or Jyske Bank dare.


But its clearly, when you as criminals, and those of you who cover up Jyske Bank A/S, probably the biggest criminal Danske bank, when you realize that I am right in what I say and write, then you are powerless and then you are afraid to talk to me , both Jyske Bank and the Danish government are so afraid that you all stick your head in the bush, and hope I keep my mouth shut about the organized crime I have gathered evidence that the Jyske Bank group and their employees are behind.

Evidence of Jyske Bank’s criminality which I have repeatedly requested from the Danish National Bank and the State Ministry for permission to transfer to the Government / Parliament by Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen.




But dear ones, you all have a problem, whether you like it or not.


I will not stop my campaigns unless the Jyske Bank group requests me to do so.

You already know my evidence, so you also know who you and you are facing.

And you, CEO Anders Dam, also know that I would like to delete everything, and stop for example teasing the bank, just as you all know very well that the Jyske Bank group cannot, through corruption and nepotism, get the state’s help to undermine Danes’ freedom of expression, as to forbid writing about the corruption between the private Jyske Bank and the private Lundgren lawyers.



And one of Jyske Bank’s biggest problems is probably CEO Anders Christian Dam.

And the fact that Jyske Bank not least every 4 years makes a change in the MANAGEMENT.


My call is still that CEO Anders Christian Dam be expelled for complicity in organized fraud.

Or that CEO Anders Christian Dam himself sets his mandate free.

Greetings from me as Jyske Bank knowingly and demonstrably exposed to financial crime.

Carsten Storbjerg Skaarup.


Jyske Bank come out of the bush, and to talk to me.

So that we can stop posts, like this together.

And if some of you don’t want me to stop writing these posts and making videos, Jyske Bank’s Legal Department will you at least not reply to me, so I know that the Jyske Bank Group will give a shit about what I write, since it doesn’t change Jyske Bank’s foundation, namely that lying and deceiving is the way to greater income.

I will not stop my campaigns unless the Jyske Bank group requests me to do so.

You already know my evidence, so you know who you are facing.

And you also know that I like to delete everything.




The Jyske Bank group and their many employees will not stop committing fraud and forgery or other punishable crimes, at least not as long as the Danish government and Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen together with the authorities and judges in the Court such as Supreme Court Justice Kurt Rasmussen, who also has chosen to cover up corruption, and cover up the abuse of power, in which they themselves are complicit.

As then the Government not will stop the use of bribery, which has become a natural part of Denmark’s largest companies, as when Denmark’s second largest bank, the Jyske Bank group, at the board of directors dishonestly chose to bribe Lundgren’s lawyers, so that Lundgren’s lawyers would deliberately lose their client’s fraud case against the Jyske Bank group, by simply not presenting their client’s fraud case against Jyske Bank, and keeping the client out of the case by deliberately and systematically withholding several pleadings for the client.

And of course also that Lundgren’s deposed had to hide from the client, that Jyske Bank had bribed Lundgren’s lawyer partner company, not to present their client’s fraud case against Jyske Bank.


Then the corruption will continue thrives among the Danish organizations and lawyers, and that by cronyism and nepotism, and not a single Danish politician dares to ask questions, or raise the issue in the Danish parliament. ” #FT #Folketinget #Parlarment “

When Denmark as a society is governed by corruption, which the state and government will neither investigate nor stop, then the reason alone can be in the financial interests between the Danish state and Jyske Bank, which has become a subversive activity against the Danish population and those who act with large Danish organizations that, like Jyske Bank, are happy to commit financial crimes for the government in order to increase earnings.


You will find more videos and posts like this at Banknyt  dk  / banking news.

Which is due to the management at Anders Dam and the many employees of Jyske Bank, who have demonstrably committed fraud and forgery of documents for Jyske Bank A/S.

Which several lawyers from, for example, Lundgren lawyers, Horten lawyers, Kromann Reumert lawyers, Lund Elmer Sandager lawyers, Jyske The Bank’s legal team has contributed to this.

You can read more about that here in the diary, and then ask yourself the reason, why those who cover up Jyske Bank’s crimes dare to answer anything, but choose to hide out of fear, so that this scandal not become a public knowledge.

Why does no one dare to write about corruption in Denmark, and the about the Danish criminal banks.

I am asking because you silence does not stop me, and i am shared this posting, which no one can contradict is the truth about the corruption many of the biggest Danish companies themselves are a part of.

And not a single person can stop the many advertisements about organized crime and corruption in Denmark, unless the Jyske Bank group itself through CEO Anders Dam asks me Carsten Storbjerg not to write more.

Jyske Bank and Anders Dam have not to this day, would ask me to stop advertising about Jyske Banks crime.


About Jyske Banks crimes.

I cannot cope with corruption and cronyism all the way up in the Danish authorities, including the Ministry of State, the Ministry of Finance, the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, the Ministry of Justice and the the Danish Courts Agency as well as the National Police, which control who in Denmark must comply with the legislation.

It is clear that the Danish state, at the parliament does not want that the Danish banks, who that demonstrably are committing crimes to be punished, after it in the parliament was agreed in 2013 that the largest Danish banks.

Including Jyske Bank A/S, were not allowed to go bankrupt.

So is be betterfor the government, to cover up Jyske Bank’s crimes.

If Jyske Bank has not made false and fraudulent documents, which have been presented to the police who refuse to investigate Jyske Bank A/S.

Then I again urge Jyske Bank to file a libel case, and say it can lead to up to 2 years in prison. if I have not written the truth.

Jyske Bank A/S Helsingoer is behind extensive fraud carried out by at least.
Jeanett Kofoed-Hansen and Nicolai Hansen.

And that with the help of at least Casper Dam Olsen. Anette Kirkeby. Soren Woergaard. Morten Ulrik Street. Birgit Buch Thuesen. Philip Baruch. CEO Anders Christian Dam.


Some of those responsible for this and similar postings with videos about Jyske Bank’s use of forgery, bribery, fraud, abuse of power, mandate fraud are.

Anders Christian Dam, Lars Stensgaard Mørch, Niels Erik Jakobsen, Per Skovhus, Peter Schleidt, Morten Ulrik Gade and Martin Skovsted-Nielsen.


If you want me to stop my continued advertising about Jyske Bank’s organized crime, of which CEO Anders Dam is a large part, then the Jyske Bank group should simply ask me Carsten Storbjerg Skaarup to stop hanging Jyske Bank and the bank’s many lawyers and the management and employees as criminals.

Anders Christian Dam call and talk to me, and I will stop teasing the bank, with notices and advertisements on Jyske bank Bilen, advertisements that Jyske Bank cannot stop without Jyske Bank wanting to talk to me.


If Jyske Bank has not made false and fraudulent documents which have been presented to the police who refuse to investigate Jyske Bank A/S.

Then call Jyske Bank again to conduct a defamation case, and say it can lead to up to 2 years in prison.

If I have not written the truth.


Anders Christian Dam you can call me on +4522227713

If you would like me to stop advertising for Jyske Bank, and rights about the way Jyske Bank commits fraud and forgery or uses bribery, Jyske Bank would you like me to stop writing more, then you Anders Dam just have to talk with me.

The management and the bank’s lawyers have been repeatedly called for dialogue, and that they can go to the police if not Jyske Bank Group through their lawyers, is behind extensive fraud, but those who are behind Jyske Bank’s fraud dare not to do that.

Jyske Bank you should try dialogue, instead of living out those who, for Jyske Bank, have become complicit in the bank’s organized crime.

Jyske Bank is afraid of the customers whom the bank exposes to gross fraud, therefore no one in the group dares to answer.

As I say in the videos May 2023.
To the gang leader in Jyske Bank. Anders Dam you are scared and you are a coward if you don’t dare to talk with me.


Anders Christian Dam I hereby again challenge you, to have a public debate with me and on national TV.

Do you dare or are you a coward.

I challenge CEO Anders Dam, to hold a debate about Jyske Bank’s legal offences, and about the bank’s criminal employees, do you dare that Mr CEO Anders Dam.


It’s you against me, or me against you as the leader of the criminal Danish fraud company Jyske Bank.

I say again that Jyske Bank is a criminal bank, that knowingly and dishonestly and verifiably commits fraud, abuses power of attorney, lies, forges documents, commits mandate fraud, uses bribes to cover up Jyske Bank’s many crimes.

So when I write that Jyske Bank cheats and deceives the bank’s customers, while the Danish Prime Minister, and the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority ignore the bank’s fraud thats is the fact


It is simply a fact when I write about corruption between the Danish authorities and large Danish companies such as banks in Denmark, therefore no one dares to speak about this fact.

The fact that there are powerful and influential corrupt lawyers and judges, as well as corruption among Danish politicians and authorities in Denmark, is a problem for those who do business with Danish companies.

If you yourself are not part of the corrupt Danes who, by cronyism and nepotism, decide who is allowed to commit fraud against their customers in front of the parliament, then ask why not a single one of those who are actually contributing to Jyske Bank’s organized crime dare to speak with victims of organized crime by Danish organisations.


is there one of you who dares to talk to me and review my evidence, or are you all afraid that Jyske Bank will lose the right to conduct banking business, due to the bank’s many crimes, if the Danish authorities stop covering up Jyske Bank’s fraud.

Jyske Bank and you Anders Dam, you can do nothing to stop my advertising about the Jyske Bank’s organized crime.


Regardless of the fact that Denmark is governed by nepotism, i.e. corruption in connection with the Danish companies’ crimes against customers, the government keeps a close eye on Jyske Bank’s illegalities.


It is not illegal to tell the truth about Denmark’s criminal banks, nor about Jyske Bank, which must be one of Denmark’s largest criminal enterprises, which has the support of the Danish State, the Government and Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, the National Bank of Denmark, and therefore Jyske Bank’s criminal employees continue to violate the Danish laws and regulations.

Jyske Bank dares not to claim that it runs an honest banking business without committing fraud and forgery.


So mr. Anders Christian Dam you have my challenge to meet with me on national TV, but of course if Jyske Bank is afraid to meet and hold a debate, and review my evidence for your fraud, then you can hide behind Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, who covers up Jyske Bank’s many criminal acts.

Anders Dam call me on +4522227713 and set up a meeting, either privately or on national television.

Then we can start the dialogue about whether the Jyske Bank group is a criminal organization and whether you, as a manager, are the one most responsible for the bank’s fraud.



Carsten Storbjerg Skaarup
Søvej 5.
3100. Hornbark





Jyske Bank management group,
Anders Christian Dam, Niels Erik Jakobsen, Per Skovhus, Peter Schleidt, Benny Laibach Pedersen, Birger Krøgh Nielsen, Bo Ancher Christensen, Carsten Tirsbæk Madsen, Erik Gadeberg, Erik Qvirin Hansen, Hanne Birgitte Møller, Jes Rosendal, Klaus Naur, Knud Nørbo, Lars Stensgaard Mørch, Lars Waalen Sandberg, Martin Skovsted-Nielsen, Peer Roer Pedersen, Rune Møller, Søren Skyum Elbert, Jens Rahbek, Me Sophie Christensen, Christian Wordenskjold B. Andreasen, Dorthe Kirkeby, Torbjörn Egerdal,


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Jyske Bank management group,

Anders Christian Dam, Niels Erik Jakobsen, Per Skovhus, Peter Schleidt, Benny Laibach Pedersen, Birger Krøgh Nielsen, Bo Ancher Christensen, Carsten Tirsbæk Madsen, Erik Gadeberg, Erik Qvirin Hansen, Hanne Birgitte Møller, Jes Rosendal, Klaus Naur, Knud Nørbo, Lars Stensgaard Mørch, Lars Waalen Sandberg, Martin Skovsted-Nielsen, Peer Roer Pedersen, Rune Møller, Søren Skyum Elbert, Jens Rahbek, Me Sophie Christensen, Christian Wordenskjold B. Andreasen, Dorthe Kirkeby, Torbjörn Egerdal,


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Af centrale personer og advokat virksomheder, der ses at være medvirkende til at svindelen i Jyske Bank har kunne lykkes og fortsætte, kan jeg her nævne nogle af dem.

Nicolai Hansen, Jeanett Kofoed-Hansen, CEO, Anders Christian Dam, Philip Baruch, Lund Elmer Sandager advokater, Kristian Ambjørn Buus-Nielsen, Juridisk afdeling, Morten Ulrik Gade, Søren Woergaard, Anette Kirkeby, Casper Dam Olsen, Lars Aaquist, Danske Bank, Birgit Buch Thuesen, Lundgrens advokater, Dan Terkildsen, Jens Grunnet-Nilsson, Sebastian Lysholm, advokat Mette Marie Nielsen der er ansat i Danske Bank, advokat Emil Hald Vendelbo Winstrøm der er ansat i Rambøll,